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Poems and Quotes

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I was watching a documentary of the life of Andrea Boccelli, and I have to say he is one of the most inspirational people I have ever seen, as he does not allow his disability hold him back, and lives a full life I was taken aback at the end of the programme, when he said one of the most beautiful quotes,(in Italian)

"Through my singing, my goal is to make people understand that whatever happens in life, however sad or terrible, there are still thousands of reasons to go on living this life fully".
A friend is like a rainbow

They brighten your life when you have been through a storm
Image My eyes have gone all funny Image

But it's a nice sentiment, Rosemary.
She looked at her daughter with joy and bliss,
not a single thing did she want to miss,
little did she know behind that smile,
was a very special child.

On she went struggling for a bit,
while people would ignorantly call her child it,
harsh cutting words she just could just discard,
but the pain of the disablities she found hard.

But in her heart she would always see,
the smiles her child would make with glee,
she would always be thankful for her miracle,
no matter the problems she had yet to tackle.

On her own with her but full of hope,
she wondered how things would develop,
the not knowing was the hardest thing,
but she was just happy knowing of the happiness her baby would bring.

My heart goes out to the others who care for love ones,
to all the sons and daughters, dads and mums,
struggling to cope with everyday life
the hardship and strife.

So when you feel down and low,
and like there is nowhere to go,
just remember this place
it's our space.....

to get across our feelings and views,
and read of everyone's news.

Dont forget to make time for you
and this will help you get through
the bad days that come your way
with each be thankful for each good day.

By Marion Lynch
That was beautiful Marion.
It isnt hard to see that although our hearts are tired and full,
we can untie the knots and pull through,
whatever blizzards are sent our way
we will pull through the hardest days.

Thanks for the kindness of your response to my words,
its good to know they have been heard,
more importantly by someone who understands,
and with that I have to give you thanks.

Ive got so much to do this dreary day,
although with a few cuppa's I will be okay,
Got to plough through some ironing
thank god its not still raining

It just dampens my mood and makes me feel down,
when the sun hides and just wont come out,
another day when I probably wont speak to anyone
but at least Ive jobs that need to be done,

Thankful that the last couple of days are passed,
appointment days just go so fast
Just glad I have my mum to go too
and listen and help me through

Had some hard news yesterday, but nothing new for me
In writing we got Sophie's diagnosis, finally!
Mosaic Downs Syndrome we are told
Im sure there's more information they hold

They always take their time in helping
but at least I got her statement thing
through the post to say she can attend
special needs school, there's success in the end!
Here's a little ditty just for you,
Hopefully will help you get through
the struggling times past, present and future
of those you can be sure.

Just remember you are a hero to your family,
for them your love they can always see
even if you're feeling low and tired
you're much better than any help hired

Your home isnt a prison but may feel that way
with each bad days there is always a good day
you're amazing for everything you do
but dont forget you need time for you

We all struggle to cope with being a carer
but dont forget, you will always matter
the difficulties your endure and are hard
but they make you the amazing person you are

Never give up even though your emotions want you to
there are people who can be there for you
So if you need to offload just go for it,
this is the place to type all of it.....
i havnt been on for a whilethings are a bit well i wont go into it but Marion that was lovley i do love this site Molly
That's beautiful and so encouraging Marion, thank you for sharing the verses with us all.
your welcome - im just glad you enjoyed them
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