It's so tricky isn't it? Apparently today he is more lucid and is eating and drinking so I think CHC would throw his case out pretty quickly even though he would JUST about fit the initial assessment criteria without these two new issues. I messaged the nursing home with an update a few days ago and said we might have to look at CHC and was that something I had to request from somewhere myself or did it come from them (even though I know the answer) and I've not had a response yet. I have no idea how anyone determines if / when things are as good as they are going to get, and what they do if it continues to fluctuate.

The brace he has is a very new design that nobody seems to understand and I don't know how they instruct the home on this when they are not on site. It's even new to the physio. His pain and his food and fluid intake could be managed by the nursing home, and with the right prescription (ha!) they should be able to manage him when he gets aggressive. They have hoists if he continues to struggle to transfer. But the hospital must think there is still enough risk to his back to keep him there or that something else is amiss, or they'd want to get rid of him wouldn't they? It's a bit deja vue - they kept him in for 4 weeks in December when they hadn't needed to take him in at all and there was no change in his condition (other than getting weaker through being in hospital and not being looked after!)

He had a head CT on arrival because that was the primary concern after banging his head but it was all clear. Now they can't do anything because he's so uncooperative but there are no extra signs of any brain issue, other than this delirium which is apparently very common. The trouble is, they don't seem to want to listen to the fact that he was fine when he arrived so they don't know his baseline. I'm so tired of having the same conversations with them every day.