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Please tell us about your experiences of hospital discharge

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Following on from previous post. I booked a GP appointment for my Dad as after doing well for a few days after discharge he was experiencing dizziness, weakness, swollen feet and ankles and going to toilet more. GP said his blood count iron levels were low based on the tests the hospital did and that he was surprised the hospital did not flag this up!. Due to the change in toilet habits and low iron levels GP has referred him to bowel clinic for further tests. Disappointed in the hospital that this was not mentioned in the hospital discharge letters at all. A worrying time.
Launched in winter , now getting on to the end of the traditional summer.

Are we any further with this thread ?

More importantly , with the subject matter ?

Are family carers now reassured that unsafe hospital discharges are falling and , fewer of our army are taking on the traditional roles of untrained nurses , sometimes doctors ???
Extract from a report on CHC / NHS Continuing healthcare MOST relevant to this thread :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... ions-33311

If one ignores the loss of overnight beds, the figures suggest (if my calculation is correct) that since 2015 the NHS has shunted at least £340 million of costs per annum to social services authorities and families – ie over £2 million in each social services authority area. If one includes the loss of beds, this figure doubles.

High time for some results from CUK ?

Even lab rats are told ... occasionly ?
High time for a new " Street " name for this thread to really describe what's happening in the REAL world ?

The systematic dumping of unfit carees back into the " Care " of family / kinship carers whereas what's really needed is further nursing care in a good old fashioned convalescence home / cottage hospital setting.

Few convalescence homes / cottages hospitals now left ?

Oh dear , someone must have looked at us and thought ...
" Why do we need to continue to maintain and finance those with the family / kinship carers around ?

After all , they have no say in the matter and can hardly object ? "


The " Dumpster " thread ?

Has a certain ring ... and REAL authenticity ... about it.

There are times when even I would consider a " Trade Union " for family / kinship carers ... and that is REALLY saying something , believe me.

Nearest fit within the System in 2018 would be a special branch attached to the CQC ... special remit ... look after our interests , and prevent us from being screwed by all and sundry within the health and social care sector !
After a week of my Dad being in hospital for a c. diff. infection, they say he is ready for discharge just waiting for me to say what day!. He seems a little better but still has some pain and is still on antibiotics and in a side room. His appetite is still low as well - hospital food not great. Seems rushed again, I might say Thursday earliest. Also he is still having some pain, looks like they are rushing discharge again!
... and so it continues , unabated ... perhaps escalating to the next National Scandal after the contaminated blood debacle ?

Some headlines from the past week ... NOT month :

Hundreds more hospital deaths than expected ringing alarm bells over care.

The Trust which runs Scunthorpe General Hospital saw 2,573 deaths in 2017/18, compared to an expected 2,193.

Unsafe, poorly led and dysfunctional - Shocking report into Norfolk hospital.

“Things have gone wrong.” That was the admission from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in King’s Lynn today as it was revealed the trust had been judged unsafe and poorly led, leading it to be put into special measures by inspectors.

GPs may have failed to receive thousands of discharge summaries from a trust.

An NHS trust has launched a serious incident investigation after its IT system failed to keep a record of whether 14,600 discharge records were sent to local GPs.

CQC warning amid claim hospital patients treated like 'cattle'.

CQC has warned Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital could face action after an inspection exposed multiple safety concerns

Staff across all areas of the trust raised concerns about “boarding” of patients which they felt was “undignified” and “disgusting”

Two members of staff claimed patients were treated like “animals” and “cattle”

'Troubling' figures show hospital has higher death rate than expected.

Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust saw 1,132 deaths in 2017, compared to an expected 994.

The figures come from the Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator (SHMI) which provides NHS trusts with an indication of how many deaths might be expected as a proportion of the number of patients admitted to hospital.

This indicator includes deaths occurring during a stay at a trust or within 30 days of discharge, providing an indication of whether the overall number of deaths at a particular trust was ‘lower than expected’, ‘as expected’ or ‘higher than expected’ when compared to the national baseline.

Until next week ... ?


Save CUK posting the same message ???

A big " Thank you " to all forum members who took the time to post under this thread , hoping that their concerns would be actioned apon.

... from other forum members.

On the scale of 1 to 10 , probably 9.99999 ... of problems literally dumped on family / kinship carers without so much as a " Please ? "

" There you go squire , all yours again. Need any further help , instructions in the pack. Bye ! "

Our frail elderly carer in her nineties was so pleased to see her husband return ... unaware of what was in store for both of them.

Perhaps medications changed by the hospital ... and someone forgot to include in the information pack ... or send a copy to the patient's gp ?

Carerland ... a land where our carees are dumped for us to try to pick up the pieces ?

If any reader wants to know what the CORRECT procedures are , look no further ... THE BIBLE :

https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-se ... -hospital/

If every NHS hospital followed it's own Rule Book to the letter , unsafe hospital discharges would all but disappear.

In addition , save my finger tips further wear by not having to post the link to the main CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare thread in every 1 in 5 / 10 new postings ?

Who holds the NHS to account ... individual carers who have fallen victim ?

Perhaps we have a supporting organisation somewhere to action our concerns ?

Only a few hundred thousand cases per year ... and an unknown number of deaths due directly to an unsafe discharge along the way.

R.I.P. ... to those victims of unsafe discharges who paid the ultimate price ... with condolences to their carers.
The post mortem ?

No wonder CUK have remained silent ... unsafe hospital discharges.

Around 4 / 5 per week coming in to the forum which WE deal with the best we can.

Forum traffic ... at best , a couple of hundred per week.

7.8 million of us out there.

Scale those numbers up and ... the result is truly FRIGHTENING !!!

A true WARZONE out there ... and it's left to US to fight it !!!

How many KNOW of the correct procedures for a safe hospital discharge ???

Information ... or lack thereof ... again.
It's high time the "not authorised to read the forum" message problem was sorted out, because I'm really concerned about how many people turn away never to return because they don't know how to get past this message.
It's a very Hitler like tone of voice, why can't they have a "sorry there seems to be a problem, please..." instead?

I've complained for ages about the Quick Links at the top left, to find more information.
Again, how many never find how to get the information they need, given the fact that most people find our forum in a crisis?
I didn't know until Susie told me, and I've been using computers for over 20 years, but this is the only forum I belong to.
The majority of posters write concerning elderly people, how many spouses are there, not very computer literate, who don't know?
Our forum should be accessible to everyone, regardless of how old they are or how computer savvy they are.

We can't properly assess the true depth of the discharge problem if many carers concerned can't access our forum easily!
The other side of the coin ... Northern Ireland :

200 hospital patients died while waiting to be discharged in 2018.

More than 200 people died in Northern Ireland's hospitals in 2018 while waiting to be discharged.

A report by the charity Marie Curie also showed delayed discharges resulted in patients spending thousands of extra days in hospital.

This was despite the patients being declared ready to go home.

The Health and Social Care Board said ensuring all patients were able to either return home or to a community setting was a key priority.

Some of the patients had a terminal illness, such as cancer or a respiratory condition.

Others may have been approaching the natural end of their lives.

Instead of being cared for at home or in the community, the report says 204 people were stuck in hospital and eventually died there.

Freedom of Information requests were sent to all of the five local health trusts.

While there is no breakdown of types of illness and patient, the data may also include those who at the last minute decided not to go home.

Head of policy and public affairs for Marie Curie Northern Ireland, Joan McEwan, expressed disappointment at the findings.

"The local population is getting older and we are seeing more and more people living with terminal illnesses and complex needs," she said.

"Not only is this resulting in greater numbers of hospital admissions, it is also putting massive additional pressure on community care, which is vital in helping the safe and prompt discharge of patients back home."

Delayed discharges clog up the system and take up much-needed hospital beds.

The report, Every Minute Matters, highlighted that more than 46,000 bed days were lost across the system.

This dramatically impacts on the day-to-day running of a hospital.

On a more personal note, delayed hospital discharge has a significant impact on terminally ill people, causing distress and frustration, affecting their quality of life and preventing men and women from spending as much time as possible in their own home or community, surrounded by family.

The statistics should not come as a surprise. An older population means more people are being admitted to hospital with multiple chronic illnesses.

Not enough health care workers or home care packages means people cannot leave hospital.

Louise Marshall's mother, Maureen Patrick, died from cancer in February 2018. The 59-year-old was cared for at home during her final days.

Ms Marshall said it was very important for the whole family that her mother was able to die at home.

"She always said before she went into hospital that she wanted to make sure she was home, to have her family around her in her last days," she said.

The County Down woman said it also enabled them to say goodbye in familiar surroundings.

"It definitely is a help - we know we fulfilled my mum's last wishes, she died not afraid and we all got to kiss her and say goodbye," she said.

Joan McEwan said the lack of an assembly and executive had "stymied" HSC transformation.

According to Marie Curie, both the departments of health and finance should work with stakeholders to scope out potential funding measures for adult social care including long-term strategic funding for health trusts.

Population growth in Northern Ireland has not been matched by increased funding, especially around social care.

Between 2007 and 2017, the number of local people older than 65 grew by more than 25%, while the number of those older than 85 grew by more than 30%.

" Care and compassion "

In a statement on behalf of the health and social care system, a spokesperson said: "Growing numbers of people are living longer with complex needs and this is why the reform of adult care and support project has been tasked with identifying and implementing necessary reforms to enhance the support available in communities.

"There is also a very strong commitment to ensuring that any patient in the end stages of life is treated with absolute care and compassion.

"Trusts do their utmost to support and prioritise the wishes of patients at the end of life and their families, including facilitating their return to a home or a community setting where it is appropriate to do so.

"The Palliative Care in Partnership initiative in Northern Ireland brings together statutory and community and voluntary sector providers, including Mare Curie, and also service users and carers to improve how patients with palliative care needs are identified and supported, and also seeks to enhance the range of services available."

Be interesting to see another statistic ... how many deaths due to premature discharges ???

It's quite clear that the WHOLE system ... including palliative / CHC / NHS Funded care ... is close to meltdown ... a real post
code lottery ... with some standing more chance of death depending on where they live.
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