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Please tell us about your experiences of hospital discharge - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Please tell us about your experiences of hospital discharge

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Chris, I'm so, so, so fed up with the bad gateway message. How long do we have to wait?

However, to get back to our carer experiences, I should have said the WHOLE experience of carers when the caree is going to hospital, either as an outpatient, or inpatient.

I'll give a kick off (mods, please move as necessary).
Soon after I had a gynae operation, so no heavy lifting, my mum asked me to take her to hospital and stay with her when she saw a consultant about a shoulder replacement. It took some time to find a parking spot, some distance away from the main entrance. Then mum announced that she'd need a wheelchair and I'd have to push her, all 14 stone or so!! (She'd always refused any idea of her need for a wheelchair until this point). It was about 100 yards to the entrance, and the wheelchairs. They don't have lightweight chairs to use, too easy to steal, just heavy chairs. The only one available had a semi flat tyre. I then took it to mum, she got in, wheeled her miles (the main corridor is a quarter of a mile long!!), and then did the same again in reverse. So much for not doing anything strenuous, mum knew what I'd just had done, but ignored it. Once home, I said I'd never ever take her anywhere unless she got a lightweight folding chair and used it!!!
Strangely , somewhat connected ... hospital experiences ... discharging from which the next " Mount Everest " to climb ... in a whole range of Mount Everests ?

I've often said that no answer to any question is ever simple in CarerLand ... everything tends to interconnect.

Not where Carers UK wanted this thread to go but ... like most , where ( Not when ) do you apply the brakes ?

Already , the rationing of CHC cannot be divorced from this Issue ( Yet another thread on that ... which interlinks with others ).

Discharges without LA support plans being in place ... etc. etc. etc.

Part of the bigger picture ... The NHS failing carers ... how many issues are there ... probably 10 or more major ones ?

Nationally or locally ... if locally , does that now mean the entry of gp surgeries into the equation ... and all the issues with those ?

Then , does not Government policy come into the equation ... and social care spin off from that ?

After a thousand postings and no clear idea where we started , someone might ask another question ... " How did we arrive at this unacceptable state of affairs ? " ... logical but ... where does that leave the opening question that many will now have difficulty remembering ?

Seen it before ... John Battle's infamous thread on Compass ... CarerWatch's finest hour ? ... started like a simple journey ... Worksop to Sheffield say ... ended up detouring three times round the world ... and still we didn't reach Sheffield ! ... thankfully.

" Solve " one problem only to find another one staring you in the face as a direct result of not solving the former in the context of the bigger picture ?

Like Schubert's " Unfinished Symphony " ... the clue being in the title ?

In CarerLand , perhaps " Unfinished Question " is better know ?

As carers , all of the above is JUST " ONE " of the problems we all face in our daily roles ... as family carers !

Family carer ?

Don't ask ... the answer would take us from Worksop to ... Alpha Centauri ( Nearest star ) ... if a few could even remember the destination after several thousand postings ?

Where were we ... Unsafe Hospital Discharges ... I think ... including mental health institutions or just the NHS ? ... including private ones .... ?
Private hospitals - when I had my first knee replacement, no offer at all of 6 weeks free post op care from SSD. Second knee, I INSISTED that they arrange it for me. Great consternation. "I don't think we can do that" "Oh yes you can". Then they couldn't find the forms someone remembered them having at some time in the past. Finally forms located, only hours before discharge. Care arranged.
The carer was lovely, she came more or less every day for the full 6 weeks. All I needed her to do was take the pressure socks off, wash my feet and the socks, and put on a new pair. She kept offering to do other things, the washing up, put the washing in the washing machine, vacuum up, but that was all fine, home alone I could potter around and do them all.
PS The cost of the fees, £10,000 each knee, was covered by insurance, as it was the result of a car accident.
Most of the Hospitals are doing business rather than serving people. They want money in different ways and try to capture the patient. Even I have sad experience which I realized few months ago.
Time to bring this one back into the present.

Several threads since interlock with this one.

TOO important to be left unfinished.

Pandora's box has , indeed , been opened ... too wide to close again for Carers UK ???
Another recent thread on an ( Multi ) unsafe hospital discharge experience :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... 56#p383656
Now that Chris has referenced my post on mum's unsafe discharges(immediately above) , let me add the following. Mum had infection, presumed sepsis and uterine cancer when admitted those four times in a monthh, for the same things. The infection was hastily treated and she went home, only for me to send her back the following week, or sooner. One time, they announced she was due home that afternoon. I was told at lunchtime. I refused to take her since no care package had been reinstated, per the care agency. Because she was considered medically fit she was transferred to a ward, staffed by agency workers, for people waiting discharge. Whilst there the infection came back (if it ever went away) and left with a pack of oral antibiotics and no nursing care. Mum was readmitted the very next day and the emergency nurses told me she was dehydrated!

On another occasion early on, mum developed bed sores whilst on the ward. The ward manager played their severity down. When mum was readmitted, the a&e staff took them most seriously and quizzed me on how mum had got them!

I have to ask a question of Michael at Carers UK who initiated this thread: The forum members have responded to your request but I haven't seen any follow up message of thanks or explanation of what Carers UK's next steps have been, or are going to be. What point is there in us carers reliving our experiences in response to your request if we hear nothing back in return?
Recent BMJ article adds more fuel to the fire :


Just the opening two paragraphs :
Emergency readmission rates (defined as unplanned readmissions to hospital within 30 days of leaving) are now rising twice as quickly as overall emergency admissions. In June 2018 an analysis by QualityWatch (a Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation collaborative) showed a 19.2% rise in readmissions from 2010-11 to 2016-17, compared with a 10.5% rise in overall emergency admissions.1

The researchers noted that some coding and counting issues confounded data interpretation and accuracy, given that routine hospital episode statistics (HES) were used. And, although NHS Digital stopped reporting readmission rates in 2013-14—making triangulation hard—these are big numbers, as over a million patients a year are reportedly readmitted. The trends are consistent with recent analyses from HealthWatch England and the National Audit Office.23 The highest percentage of readmissions and the sharpest rise was in patients returning within 24 hours of discharge.
Over a million patients a year are reportedly readmitted.

How many discharged into the " Care " of us , family carers ... only to be readmitted ????

Makes a mockery of my earlier estimates ... regretably !

Pandora's box ... that lid ... not to be closed sometime soon , me thinks ?

A generation or two to get everything that escaped back in ?
Although NOT from forum members , the Alzheimers Society forum contains a whole host of " Problems " with hospital discharges :

https://forum.alzheimers.org.uk/search/ ... ost&o=date

SCOPE's online community still down as I type.

Healthwatch ... 3,000 interviewed ... the summary of their findings :

https://www.healthwatch.co.uk/safely-ho ... aving-care

A coordinated response ... carer and caree supporting organisations ... as recommended months ago ... IS the way forward ... all girls together ?

High time for that old " Committee of 14 " to have a meeting ... if someone can remember whose in the chair for the first round ? ... and act for the JOINT carer and caree armies ... a mere 13 MILLION strong ... no caree / no carer ! ... and there's 6.5 million of us to start with !

Committee of 14 ... if the hierachy , won't get much change out of £ 1 MIILION from their salaries ... perhaps closer to £ 1.5 million ?

https://www.thirdsector.co.uk/charity-s ... le/1454845

Time for the 13 million+ to see a little payback ???

After all , what do a " Few " deaths due to unsafe hospital discharges REALLY mean in this Sad New World ... ???
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