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just wondering.carers do a long old working week.i guess,for most,sunday is just another day.but,should sunday be a day of rest,"Special"distinct from the rest of the week?.
Chance would be a fine thing! Image

Amen to that Eun Image Image
what's a sunday????? Image
As you say Sunday is just another day to most of us but apart from missing a 'day off', I miss a Sunday Roast the most. There just isn't any point in cooking for one & I can't stay in the kitchen to spend time cooking it anyway. I do try the ready meal Sunday lunches, but they are never the same.
Bluebird, there is EVERY point cooking for one! It's for YOU .... and you deserve it!

It's so easy, when we spend so much time giving to and thinking about others, to forget that we have needs too. We keep putting ourselves last and then time and energy runs out for us.

Make Sunday special for yourself, Bluebird. Cook a Sunday roast, and enjoy it. Every delicious mouthful. And then you can put what's left into the freezer or refrigerator and have a roast meat sandwhich for lunch next day, or make shepherd's pie for dinner, or just have a cold roast meat salad - how easy is that? In fact, I find that when I cook a roast lamb dinner, I have easy meals for days afterwards so it's worth the effort!

I think it's SO important to have things to look forward to, little things that other people might take for granted but can be very special for us because we don't get to do things for ourselves often.

Homework for everyone: Image make a list of all the little things you used to enjoy pre-caring (like cooking a Sunday roast!) and promise yourself you'll do at least one of them every week!

Then come back here and share Image
Sunday for me is always a special day................I get to see my grandson on skype Image
my birthday , Christmas day, all should be special , but they aint just another day at the office , without pay......
I had fully believed that the truth of it is EVERYDAY brings the same challenges for carers.You have made the point.

Sunday is a day for rest for many,for me its catch-up time.Catch-up on housework etc.

What really mucks my week up is when we get a bank holiday.Im one day removed all week.Tuesday feels like monday and so on.

Well,whatever you are doing,to you,and those you care for,hope today,Sunday,we OK..
Ways to make Sunday lunch faster -
Buy pre-roasted meat or turn veggie
cook potatoes in microwave and they lightly fry, then stick them in oven. Should take same time to cook as the veges.
Alternatively - there are ring a roast services - we have one in Cardiff. I think I paid about £11 to bring the roast to my door, all the extra veges, gravy, everything. All I needed was to plate it up and it was stunning and enough veges for the next day. There may be such a scheme in your area. It is worth every penny for the treat.