Please can you advise

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Your deaf and partially sighted Husband dislikes the lack of English in his carers?

Can you explain that a little further please? I'm assuming he can't lip read due to poor sight?
I will be looking into having a couple of agency's over in the coming weeks,& will hopefully then get something sorted out.Regards Amandah
This time last year I was seeking a change of care agency and a change was made and that is when I discovered that there is very little difference in the way agencies operate. Both agencies have a high turnover of carers.
To be fair to the carers (from both agencies), they were/are quite good at their job, a few bad ones that I requested not to be sent here and the requests have been mostly upheld, it has been on the administration side that both agencies have struggled.

Good luck with your search for a replacement agency, just bear in mind that sometimes it can be a case of better the devil you know, and I hope you find a good one.