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PIP apeal and carers allowance - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

PIP apeal and carers allowance

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Thanks Rosemary.

I am wondering what impact if any the Consultant's report will have on the PIP appeal - none I suspect since the "diagnosis" of the new tumour was only made yesterday and so does not relate to the appeal.
The report will be submitted as part of the appeal process anyhow - but how does one go on regarding the effect it has ongoing - ie: can my wife start a fresh claim to PIP (whilst still pursuing the appeal) and use the latest report as the basis for that claim?

Hi Nigel.

PIP Appeal process ... and a step by step guide ?

Link posted earlier ...Turn2Us :

https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guid ... o-Tribunal
I wish I knew. I'd like to think that 'they' ought to consider her current needs and capabilities. The wound may be healing but the cancer diagnosis and treatment ought to be considered if they cause disabilty and inability to work. Just my opinion though.
I can see the predicament that both carers allowance and pip are awarded if you are unable to work, so can you get both? Does your son have paid carers to do things that his mother cant do? Can one argue that, although your wife is unable to work, she is able to supervise, coach, oversee your son's activities and to alert others when he is in danger or needs extra help, and with great effort and more slowly do other household tasks for your son, or instruct him how to do them under her supervision, and to provide guided company and mental/psychological stimulation - all part of caring? What would your son do if his mother were to be at work?

I can see this is trickier than it first seemed. Perhaps one of Carers UK advisers or a legal professional could advise.

Just seen the carers uk website on pip and carers allowance...
https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... ce-payment
An advocate was mentioned earlier.

Almost essential whenever PIP appeals are on the menu.

Carers UK Advice Team ?

Also recommended earlier.
Yes. Right again Chris!
Better twice than never !

I do hope Nigel takes on board the advice ( To seek expert advice ) and guidance given by all of us.

And , we are all singing from the same hymn sheet.
I have to say that one of the beauties of this forum is that we all have different experiences and knowledge that we bring to the forum and the opinions we offer. No wonder then that often our responses differ and may be in conflict. The trick is to sort out what is appropriate and what is not! We can't always see things the way others do!
Conflict ?

Rarely ... different paths to the same destination maybe ?
I recommend this website:
To access all the guides you have to subscribe which is about £20 for a full year. I’ve used their guides every time I do mum’s applications and they take you through the full process including appeals.
Definitely don’t give up- you’re entitled to the benefits and your wife should be passported through as a priority due to the nature of her condition. They will make it as difficult as possible but the success rates of getting decisions overturned on appeal are huge.
Keep fighting! We’re with you xx