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flu jabs deliveries due - Carers UK Forum

flu jabs deliveries due

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On monday apparantly a new and huge batch of flu jbas will be at most drs across the country according to my GP, and to get it he is advising any one who is entitled to it to phone their surgery and get put down for it if they havent had a letter or anything
he seems to think its country wide and as a carer he said we all have to have it- as he put it- get summin for free at least for al u carers!
I don't think anyone has to have it Pixie, would like to see my G.P. force me Image
We get all the standard letters for the kids jabs and never have any, they only ever asked me once and have never forced the issue, unlike some G.P's who threaten to take people off their lists.
No-one is being 'forced' to have it Vicky - but Carers are 'recomended' to have it and are considered eligible as an 'at risk' group. After all if we fall ill with what happens to our Carees ? Especially if they are vulnerable - i.e. children; the elderly or those with breathing difficulties as we could pass it onto them.
Just our of curiosity:- Do our Emergency Carers come under this entitlement, too???

Sorry to be the dumbell asking this question but this is the first time we've ever had an emergency carer and no one else seems to want to tell me where I stand on this matter Image
Hi Summer (love typing that !)

I'm pretty sure that all healthcare professionals (Care Workers, NHS staff etc) are entitled to the jabs as they are in contact with people vulnerable to infection - but as Vicky points out no-one can be 'forced' to have one. Best to check with the body that supplies the Emergency Carers.
I'm sorry, Susie, I see that I'm being confusing again.

The "Emergency carers" I'm referring to are the 2 (family and/or friends) you have to put down when you register as a carer with your county council as opposed to Emergency Services Personnel.
In that case Summer I suspect that they would not be in one of the recommended classifications - suggest they speak to their GP and explain the situation.

though having said that as I understand it ANYONE can have the flu jab providing that there is enough stock available - although those not in one of the 'at risk' categories will probably be charged for the vaccine.
my dr said if u r a carer u should have it to get somethng back- his a good chap and thinks its discusting how carers dont get no other help,
yet the receptionist who has phoned to make the appt today said im not an at risk group (astma??? obviously not carer??? not in her eyes) but me and amy r booked in now.
i hate needles, i dont want it really but will do (coz they might not realsie i havent had a tetnus since my pre-school booster, it will make the screen need scrolling down to see the reminder and they cant be bothered to scroll down!)
His right though if we have the chance of summin that could help bloody go for it!
I don`t like needles, but have resisted vaccine since having the whooping cough jab in primary school, finding out later I already had the symptoms of the disease, shouldn`t have been vaccinated and still have the whoop to this day.

I am antibiotic resistant and when given the tetanus booster following a car accident when I was seventeen developed mild symptoms of lockjaw I consider in my case the flu jab would kill me.

Dad has had flu jag and suffers dreadfully with symptoms, OH had it for two years and was really ill with side effects he didn`t have it last year or this and has been no better or worse for it.

Last year the theatre team in our nearest big hospital were told they had to have flu jag and swine flu jag.........and were threatened with no sick pay if they were then off work with flu if they refused. The theatres ran on agency staff for six weeks as all of them went down with either flu or paralised or cellular arms/tingling fingers which meant they were unable to hold instruments......no bullying tactics this year.

Take care
oh god meg!

i am not sure about having it as i got mild TB symptons when i had that jab- i fainted and they still got me!
the dr reckons it will be fine (ok i iwll trust him as his actually been very good with me and amy)
Amy is now in a right flap because she antibacs anyway and if the germs are in the jab will she be able to antibac the needle hole , some kid at school told her that the germs r in it.
HOWEVER shes antibaccing like mad and hasnt had the cold the rest of the class has got so it must work ( i bet shes antibaccing them all!)