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Is there a definition of 'Day Care' allowance? - Carers UK Forum

Is there a definition of 'Day Care' allowance?

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Opinions and comments welcome for my first 'real' post!

My wife was allocated a weekly amount for day care by Kent County Council Social Services in February. At the time it was agreed it could be used for transport and the PCP summary signed by Jane had transport written on it. At Jane's first review with KCC they withdrew the funding from the Day Care element of her package because she had spent it on ... transport!

I have trawled the web to find out what the formal definition of 'Day Care' within a PCP is for with no real success - does anyone have any guidance of where we can find one and also how we should go about challeging the withdrawl of this element of the PCP. Jane was not even offered anything under the Day Care element to be spent on a replacement so now she can't get out the house to meet up with friends or socialise, which was my impression of what the DC component was supposed to provide.

With thanks
I`m a bit confused .. if your wife has D.L.A. with the mobility component or a war pension with the war pensioners mobility supplement , they are to be used for her transport , in the past my father and now my mother when we were looking at day care centers , because they had mobility payments they were told that they would have to pay for the transport to the day care center ... not that we use them now , but when STAN used the day center transport cost us £12 per day 2004...
I agree with Audrey. Give Carers UK helpline a ring.A lot of support is in the process of being changed, as the Coalition Government seems determined to make disabled people live in even more poverty.
The trouble with DLA is that it has to be stretched so thinly.
Thanks for your comments everyone, I'll get on the phone on Tuesday and see if I can make some sense of it all.
It would have to be a job for CUK, I'm afraid because they'd know best which bits of legislation to use - I've got a feeling that you'd be using Gordon Brown's as opposed to the latest bunch of **** from the ConDems based on when your wife signed but I'm not certain so I'm better off saying nothing about what to do rather than either giving you false hope or digging you into a deeper hole than your already in Image
Quick update on this, I've phoned the advice line and spoke to a very helpful Beth who said we need to submit a formal complaint then progress it through the system which I will start on today. I'll update on the outcome in due course.