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Husband is my carer and work being very awkward -Carers UK Forum

Husband is my carer and work being very awkward

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I'm only 33, had to leave work due to them not helping with any adjustments. I have rheumatoid arthritis and two young children. My husband works for the same organisation and now they are being really awkward. Won't let him take any more time off for emergencies, won't let him do any working from home although he can and others in the office are allowed to.
We are both getting a needs assessment. His flexible working has been denied even though there's no business reason why.
We are just at our wits end.
Any advice?
I think that they may be in breach of the Disability Rights Act, whereby a Carer is counted as disabled by association - but I'm not 100% sure so wold suggest you run this scenario before the Carers UK Adviceline team
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If they didn't make reasonable adjustments for you, that amounts to "Constructive Dismissal" and if you took them to an Employment Tribunal, they could have to pay you compensation. Similarly, if they made your husband give up work, the same applies. The best way of getting more information is to contact ACAS. I used them a long time ago, very helpful.
Also suggest your husband discusses this with his trades union representative. It does not seem right that he is being treated less fairly than others.