Pete's water colours

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These are my latest efforts. The Yacht graphics are to be used on the Silver Slippers clothing and gear. These will be embroidered and printed on the stuff that Wendy and Ian will wear as they travel the world. The boat is a ''Moody 422''.

The Digeridoo player is a copy of an ornament our son brought back from Australia. I have entered him into an Artist site competition, just for fun. The theme being ''Music''.




Hi Pete, they are seriously good young sir, keep up the good work.
I keep telling you Pete, you don't know how good you really are!
Hi Pete

What brilliant drawings. You are amazing!

Little Lamb
Brilliant Pete. Image
Great Stuff....keep it going. Image Image Image
superb. more please Image
Brill; Pete they will look great embroidered on the shirts. Image
another gold star Pete Image


The Digeridoo does it for me, brilliant Pete - look forward to seeing more Image