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Personal Hygiene

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Mrs A!!!
Although if I'd have known what was going to happen to hubby, I often say I would have helped us both along.
This thought will be disapproved of by some I know, and I suppose it's just as well we don't know what the future holds when younger.?
For those who struggle with feeling cold immediately after a shower.
My Mum was like this, and what I did was find the biggest, fluffiest towelling robe I could (the nicest quality I could afford) and get her wrapped up in it the instant she stopped the water.

I used that instead of a towel, and then just either left it to dry naturally, or popped it in the tumble dryer for a few minutes. It really did help to stop the shivers. That combined with a pair of non-slip, cotton feel slippers that were only used for showering and then left to dry, helped a lot.
Whoa this rings a bell with me. My 82 year old Dad rarely showers. His idea of a "good wash" is kitchen sink with a bar of soap.

I think it goes back to the days where you had a bath once a week in front of the fire because thats all you could afford!

BUT, at times hes absolutely buzzing (especially in the summer). I've tried to speak to him but he doesnt get upset just argues theres no need to take a shower more than once a week. Mind you hes the same with the cleanliness of his house.

I used to take him away for the weekend to watch cricket. That was a joy! He'd go away with just the clothes he was wearing and one change of underwear for 4 days). A lot of the time he'd get in the car to go and the clothes would be grubby to start with. He'd think nothing of wearing same clothes for week or two. Of course, in hotel, with strange shower even less chance of him washing!

As I've said before on this forum, hes got one of those pee bottles from hospital and has taken to peeing in this. And pouring in kitchen sink! He did once leave it lying around and my 4 year old picked it up. Not happy.

Current fight is for him to get stairlift - this is one of the reasons - he cant be bothered to go upstairs to toilet.
I really appreciate your work for her and it is really a great job for a patient view. I salute you for your these efforts.
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