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Personal fall alarms

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Hi all

Does anyone know of a really good easy to use and very loud personal fall alarm there seems to plenty if choice on the market but if anyone knows which to check out or avoid I would be grateful

It would need to have a very loud loudspeaker on the pendant or base unit so that if mum ad a prob she could hear the operator also be very simple to use and have a good range of coverage from the base unit

Mum wears a pendant round her neck, connects to a special phone, which then connnects to an operator. It's all arranged by the local council, costs £2-£3 per week for the whole service. Without it, mum couldn't live at home any longer. The operator has special instructions on her system for mum - if mum falls, call the ambulance and then call me. Due to her medical history mum needs to be checked over before any lift is attempted, and I cannot lift her due to my own medical history! I live just down the road from the ambulance station, about 6 miles away from mum, so we usually arrive about the same time. Mum has a "key safe" and the lifeline operator has details of the number on her system, so the ambulance staff can let themselves in.
Dad has the same system from the LA incorporated in his amenity sheltered housing.

Despite special instructions (same as for Bb`s mum) they still phone me first, or worse still my friend Ruth as she lives nearer (despite being told she had two heart attacks last summer and nearly died!).

The thoery of the system works well, the practice of it needs tweaking to suit circumstances.xx
Yes, I had to get really fierce with the call centre, when they failed to notify me when mum was taken into hospital by ambulance on Christmas Eve 2011. I ended up having to dial 999 just to find out where she'd been taken. Now it says on their records to call the ambulance and then me, day or night.
My inlaws stayed in a development of bungalows where it is all old people. A few years back they got the fright of their lives when they were lying in bed and an ambulance crew kicked down their front door and rumbled into the bedroom. Turned out it was someone with the same name on the other side of the street further up - gave my inlaws the fright of their lives and made my mother in law who had dementia even more paranoid.

Aye, but that's Glasgow for you. In Lanarkshire, they would have knocked properly first, the way their Mams learned them.
THEN kicked in the door, LOL!
Hi Kate,
This kind of thing is called Assistive Technology. It covers those buzzers and pressure pads, door alarms etc.
http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scrip ... mentID=109
http://www.atdementia.org.uk/productCat ... p?cat_id=9

I saw this on Amazon which might be something like you were after..
http://www.amazon.co.uk/EMERGENCY-REMOT ... _sbs_ce_18
Hi Carer Kate,

Agree with the others. Check with your local authority first as they can provide (means tested). Mum has one which we contribute towards. Problem, as Poppett has stated, is that first they call me and then another relative before calling an ambulance, despite being told several times. By the time we get there and call an ambulance, it could be too late ....

Still, it does give some reassurance.

Good luck, Anne
i find that some days mums alarm frightens her. the box that sits in the room with the red light on seems to frighten her as i find it difficult to get her to understand what it is. she has often unplugged this thus making her link line useless. well thats not quite true it does have a battery back up which lasts about a day i believe. however, they are good and phone me to tell me that mum has unplugged it. they try to speak to her and tell her to put the plug back in, but she does not understand, or gets confused. once its unplugged the red light flashes frightening mum even more. The there is the problem of getting her to actually put the pendant around her neck. some days she does, more often than not, she does not. we got mums from LA and she pays for it as she receives AA.

Overall i would say they they are worth having, another tool to help to care.