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As i reported some time ago when i was in contact with veterans agency, my mother was ww2 veteran and has a war disablement pension and a war widows pension i told them of the problems i had with cash they of course cant directly help me but they said they would see what they could do re my mothers pension.
well she was requested to undergo a medical review this involved 2 doctors (independent) plus letter from my mothers consultant good news well in a way she has had disablement level raised by 10% its not a lot but it works out at about £90 per month so she will be able to pay for some extra care to allow me some free time.
also we have had problems re travel insurance for our visits to FRANCE BELGIUM but now we have free insurance through the veterans agency and priority care when overseas as long as the problem is linked to the condition my mother gets her war pension for.

i think it proves that some organisations do try to help.
Well done George

Paula xx
Hi George you can also get help here regards alan
Thanks, my aunt works for s.s.a.f.a. however going back about 6 years when we were short of cash for stairlift for STAN my father (passed away feb 2006) we got in touch with them and they got my fathers regiment ROYAL ENGINEERS to pay half the cost so that was very welcome.
My wife and I cared for my Father in Law for many years - he was a veteran PoW of the Burma Railway. He was entitled to four weeks free respite a year, paid for by the Veterans Agency...very useful help to us with a young family. But they dont advertise it!
thanks thats what we use but veterans agency are short of cash and the lads from iraq ,afghan and others nato jobs are quite rightly getting help first

things work out in the end many thanks

burma railway hard going STAN my father 5 years poland stalag 8 b escaped a few times so many months solitary plus a good kicking.