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People on carers Allowance

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During STANS last few months i was told time after time that i could not cope with his level of disability and care for the old doll at the same time, they said STAN had to have some respite care as i was myself ill and STAN had some bruises on his arm after fall in the bath however when he was in respite care social services said that i was not in a possition to care for STAN properly they informed me that STAN would remain in care untill we had in place a new commode , hoist , electric bath lift and a hospital bed which i could tilt and raise - lower .
We did not like the rest home STAN was in so you can imagine how the old doll and myself felt we had the feeling we had been conned into them at long last getting STAN into care i gave them a deadline of 14 days for all the equipment to be delivered when the deadline was up they said it could take about 6 months for the delivery that was it red flag to a bull comes into mind so i set about taking STAN home with or without permission we took him home on monday against social services advice who cares wins we knew STAN only had a few months to go, we got home monday all the equipment was delivered next day .
What iam trying to say is that if you had the same social worker that STAN had would you be allowed to work as a carer ?
i would raher struggle at home than have family member in care home.
I find the issue of nursing really interesting. I have taken on caring duties, including nursing ones, that I haven't batted an eyelid about. It hadn't occurred to me, as I used to be a nurse. When my eight month old baby became insulin dependent diabetic, everyone thought we could cope. Imagine injecting your baby twice a day, not allowing him sweets or cakes, testing his blood sugar countless times etc etc. When my elder son, who has Downs Syndrome, was also diagnosed, again I took on everything without even considering anything else. When my husband had major eye surgery and needed 15 different eye drops and creams at varying times of day and night, I took it on without batting an eyelid, even though I still had my other caring responsibilities, and could only leave the house for 30 minutes at the most, as one lot of cream was half hourly!At that time, I had no idea I could even think asking for help.

I believe I only coped because I was able to treat my home as a ward, and wrote everything down, as a clinical presentation. Now I look back, and wonder how others without a professional background would have coped. I am very fortunate, I have not had to lift a heavy person, or manage incontinence,which many people here do have to cope with.

My elder son has been unable to access much respite care, due to his diabetes, so again, the family has to take on everything. WE love him and are happy to do this, but what about a family who may have no experience of Diabetes, surely they need medical support of the best quality.(I am only using Diabetes as an example, as I know it so well, I am sure there are many more diseases that I would not understand) Image
I think that we just do what's needed, it had never occurred to me that I was doing anything out of the ordinary until my mother said something about it and then I realised that she was right, some of things I did and do many people either wouldn't be competent to do or willing to do. But the responsibility concerns me, I'd prefer it to be shared rather than an assumption made that I am competent to carry out certain tasks and, more significantly, make certain decisions, I have this abiding fear that one day I'll miss something or make a mistake with dire consequences.