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pension&income support

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hi guys is there anyone out there who has income support and not 60 yet and the person you care for has a state pension? reason why i ask is got a letter today telling me my income support has been cut because of my wife having a pension i would understand if she had taken pension credit but not state pension anyone shed light on it? waiting for them to phone back as person on the line said they dont know have to get someone else to phone me back Image Image be gratefull for any help
Hello stranger
You will be better off ringing Carers Line Doug to get specialised advice. How are you both?

x x
thanks rosemary Image still the same as usual noreens put on a bit of weight well we are hoping its that and not water retention she is still on tube feed and she will be till september then we will see what happens then how are you these days ?
Moi? Well you know me Doug, shy as ever Image . Seriously not doing too bad thanks. Had a rough week last week but settled down now. You know how it is, we just carry on coping. Please tell Noreen I said hi and to keep us posted how she gets on.

What about you Doug, how you been?
me? iv'e been run down for a little while got colds that i never get at this time of year i havnt been sleeping well because of it but im getting there i hope lol i will tell her ty xx
Good to see you Doug Image
Good to see you Doug Image
Should we encourage him J... Image

Lack of sleep can make the easiest of tasks that more difficult Doug. Have you tried any of the herbal remedies available?
thanks myrtle no rosemary havent tried anything like that
what you suggest? and noreen says hi back Image
rosemary got it sorted Image they rang me up and told me they were wrong so everything is back to normal Image Image
Great result Doug, but you realise dont you that now we have our claws in to you, that you cant go walkabout again Image

My hubby uses Kalms occassionally and they seem to work for him. Others here may have other suggestions too.