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Pension credits

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Can anyone tell me - is pension credit means tested?
I get Carers Allowance, but that is my only income, when I reach 60 (which is not too far away!)
I will get a reduced state pension, my husband will continue to receive his works pension as he retired on health grounds, as well as DLA, but does not get his state pension for another few years.
If it is means tested, does that mean that,because his work pension is a fairly decent amount, I will not get Pension credit, even though I'm still caring?
Hi Izzywizz.

Pension Credit is means tested, and it depends totally on how much you and your husband receive. The fact that you are a carer should be factored into any calculation, making the potential allowance more generous (if that's the right word) but your overall income will decide the outcome.

I suggest you talk to a local welfare rights unit, carers centre or CAB to find out what your situation will be - you may still be entitled to some help. But it's true that you may not get anything more than your pension: this happens to too many carers because of the overlapping rule.
Thank you Charles. I find it so unfair that, as a carer, I have no income, no chance of getting an income, my husband is severly disabled...and yet the state still expects me to be 'supported' by him! I am not allowed to be assessed in my own right as a single person would be.
Every time I try to get any financial help I hit a brick wall because: I don't have an income; my husband's pension takes us just over the 'earnings' limit or they won't talk to me at all because I'm classed as a 'homemaker'....
Its like walking along a cliff edge...you spend all the time concentrating on not falling off that you miss the sights along the way.
Sorry for the rant...its only the first week of the month and the pensions run out already!
As my mum used to say...egg and chips for the week Image
Hi izzywizz
I don't want to put a damper on thing's but if you haven't worked during your married life like my wife ie not contributed to a full stamp and you only paid a reduced stamp ie part time work then you wont get a pension until your husband retires like my wife did.
My wife worked very hard bringing up our four children and doing part time work but only paid a reduced stamp and got nothing till i was 65 this (May).
Pat was( 6o) 3 years ago and had to wait 3 years.
And believe me I checked with every department and was told that it was correct my sister had the same thing and my cousin's wife who is 10 year's older than him and our neighbuor.
Thanks John, but I have worked, had career break to bring up three children, but when they were at school husbands illness, MS, started to impact and I worked part time, finally giving up about 15 years ago so although I won't get a full pension it will be about three quarters after credits for child allowance years and carer years.
hi izziwizz,
if your total income is over £208 per week per couple you will not get pension credit.If you have a mortgage or borrowing against your home you can ask for a form to send to your lender and they will consider interest on anything up to £100,000 apply anyway you have nothing to loose
Linda P.