The next leader of the Labour party the unelected LARD MUDDLESOME of NO-HEARTLEPOOL will today in a keynote speech talk about "wise spending" and how "wise spending" can keep front line services safe he may indicate the end of Trident and rightly so also the I.D. cards may bite the dust i for one wish he would just privitise the B.B.C. and the Royal Mail and sort out the post office once and for all.
My main problem is the welfare of our elderly / young disabled will it be "wise" to remove benefits from them and hand them over to a local authority just last week they talked about people who have accepted their responsabilites and how they should be helped well carers are in that group and in fact carers are at the top of the list when it comes to accepting their responsabilites.
LARD MUDDLESOME goes on to say that social services can move forward without dramatic ( is the word cuts) in spending they could move forward if they ended up with the attendance allowance to spend "wisely" do you trust this man ???????
"WISE SPENDING" you cant get any better than the carers allowance / attendance allowance this is money spent wisely of that i have no doubt the 900-000 carers who receive the allowance alone save some 23 billion £`s per year the overall saving mainly for the N.H.S. is as we all know some 80 billion£`s per year to stop this "wise spending" via the carers allowance & attendance allowance being removed would in the end cost the N.H.S. an extra 80 billion per year.