Needing tips on how to deal/cope with Adult ''Care' Services

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Hi there,

I have been 'advised' by OPG to be on good terms with officials involvement in my Mother's situation. I pointed out that I have try my best with all involved, and that they are the one's causing more difficulties that there need be. Has anyone got any tips on how to cope and deal with social services and officials that take the liberty of constant threats? That are too narrow minded of the reality of the situation that have caused problems to begin with, no matter how much I have reasoned with them. I am in touch with the Local Government Ombudsman who now state they can only investigate up to a year, when the situation started 2012. Panicking badly.
Don't panic, you are not alone in this situation, I could write a series of books on the subject. I would love to be on good terms with my LA, but they can't even manage to address me as I like to be addressed, by my four letter Christian name!
Wherever possible deal with them by email. After many instances of staff saying one thing on the phone, or at meetings, and writing something else in their files, I prefer a written record for everything.
Have you ever made a "Subject Access Request" to see what they are writing about you? I'd strongly recommend making one!
Hi there. You mentioned about applying for 'Subject Access Request' on a previous post. I'm not sure if it'd help me. I know it sounds daft but I'm worried what will be revealed, as I suffer considerably with stress and anxiety anyway. Just experiencing how social workers all along have treated me is confirmation enough they don't think highly enough of me to warrant their respect and co-operation in me supporting my Mother. I'm still weighing it up.
I also suffer from stress at times, but the only way the stress will go away is by solving the problem. Your problem appears to stem from the fact that staff are not doing their jobs properly in some way, so solving the problem involves either getting them to do their jobs properly, or getting different staff. If you make a SAR you can find out more. The ultimate sanction for any social worker is the loss of their registration - like doctors, they have to be registered to practice. If they are failing, ultimately they can be "struck off".
A SAR will show what is going wrong.
I understand what you are saying. How can I use whatever information a SAR will unveil is my worry if I go down that route. Can I highlight it together with the complaint I have put in with the Local Government Ombudsman? The thing there is they say they only investigate 1 year, when problems have been going on since my Mother had the Strokes 2012. Where in a report at the time the then social worker made notes that I was 'manic' when I was discussing my Mother's situation on the phone to her. That was whilst I tried desperately to get help from them, as there was suspected physical abuse when my Mother was in a care home, which the Stroke Consultant pressured me to put my Mother in a care home.
I'm not aware of the Social Workers governing body have a time limit on investigations. The Information Commissioner can ask for incorrect information to be corrected.
No sure why you've mentioned the Information Commissioner. I've just checked online and still not sure what they do and if they can get involved. Exhausted going round in circles. How can they help in this situation? I've got legal advise on the situation, turns out the Local Government Office by law are entitled to only investigate my Mother's situation for 1 year - which is totally unfair, as it took me quite some time to exhaust all avenues they require I do before getting them involved. How does one deal with issues when avenues aren't open?
Google them for more info. Lots on their website.