Old Folks 'smell' and allergies

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This is becoming a bit of a problem

The poor ould fella is resistant to showering at the moment - it's about 5 weeks since he took a shower.
We are in a bungalow with a large open space conservatory leading to a modern kitchen then through to a small hallway off which are bedrooms, bathroom and sitting room.

I want some effective air freshener and not sure which is best. I have allergies, and seem to cope better with diffusers. I am sure the house is beginning to smell like 'old people' when someone comes in.

I open windows all over the place to little effect.

I am thinking to buy perhaps 3 or 4 diffusers of the same 'flavour' and put them about the place.

Can anyone recommend a really good brand of diffuser that will last and not overpower,but will do the job? :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:
Mary, what do you think is his current 'reasoning ability'? Do you think he could understand something alone the lines of 'If you don't shower, you don't get any dinner'....? Or would he simply not make the connection?

As in, with a two year old, say, you couldn't expect their brains to understand the connection, but with a four year old you could - do you think your POF is like a two year old now, or still has the cognitive ability of a four year old plus?

I don't think air fresheners are a long term option!

Wishing you all the best in a deterioriating situation - so, so dreadful for you (and him, sigh.)
Hi Mary
If the "old people's smell" contains any urine, you can buy odour neutralisers from pet stores which may help a little- just a thought.