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Refusal or returning of equipment. - Carers UK Forum

Refusal or returning of equipment.

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I'm just wondering, before I accept the equipment ordered by the Occupational Therapist, whether it is possible to refuse an item and what the consequences might be if I did.

Also if I accept the items and then find one or both unsuitable can we return them and if we did would there be any consequences in the form of hassle from either Occupational Health or Social Services ?

I'm only concerned because I was recently threatened by social services into seeing them on a day that wasn't convenient and if I'd refused they'd have brought carers in to take over my role because social services would deem mum to be in danger simply because I'd mentioned my intention to get a hoist privately.

I've had a phone call earlier today which I let the answering machine take. It was the equipment people wondering when they can deliver the hoist and the bed.

Thank you.
I should add that since the social worker's visit I have asked if we could have a previous social worker but have not heard back so am presuming this has been allowed.
I doubt I could have ever had a working relationship with the one who threatened us.

The threats that were made have made me absolutely terrified of phoning to ask for anything even to ask a question and terrified of refusing anything for fear of any consequences.

Scruffy, it is sad to read that the relationship you have with social services is so bad. No-one should feel threatened by anyone, particularly by someone who is supposedly working to help you and your caree. My advice would always be that if you have a problem with a social work to speak with his/her superior and ensure that the matter is resolved appropriately.

These departments are there to assist you and certainly should not be there to make life more difficult. I don't know the background to the hoist situation but perhaps you need to sit down with someone other than the social worker that you have had difficulties with and explain the problems and the reasons why you have made the decisions that you have with regard to your carees needs.

You are caring - not easy at the best of times and you should be proud of yourself.

Bell x
Hi Scruffy,

I would suggest that you accept the equipment offered and give it a try - it may turn out to be just what you need.

If it doesn't then you can return it and there certainly shouldn't be any 'consequences'. We had various items of equipment from the OT's, most we kept and used (walking frame, step for back door, armchair risers, commode etc). the first bath lift they delivered was not suitable and on the advice of the delivery man from the suppliers we requested a different type which was much better and which we kept. The OT's also organised for Mum to have a bed rail fitted to help her get in and out of bed, but she hated it (said she felt she was in gaol behind bars Image ) so she only used it once and it was returned - the OT's didn't like the idea but had to accept her decision.

I certainly agree with Brindleboy that you should be complainng to the head of the department about this Social Worker - they have absolutely no right to threaten or intimidate you.
I agree with SusieQ. If you send the equipment back without giving it at least a try, then you'll never know if it might have made just a slight difference.

If you give it a trial run first, you'll be better able to dissect it for your social worker i.e:- "We liked this about it but it would have been better like that" and s/he might be able to get a better picture of your needs that way.
Thanks everyone,
I was talking yesterday with someone I know and they said the same as you that I should give it a go and if it doesn't suit us for any reason then we can return it but at least we'd be able to say we tried it.

I don't know how my simple request for a hoist became such a battlefield. Maybe it's because I am also grieving for a friend I lost in May this year after 27 years. He was my total support system. I turned to him to ease my mind over everything.

I lost him suddenly after a sequence of events stemming from a dislocated shoulder of all things. So it has been hard.

With feeling like I am and after things that were said on the phone by the social worker and things that were said here by the first OT I panicked, which isn't hard at the moment and I told the social worker to 'oh just go away' on the phone and hung up.

I had said I wanted them to leave me alone and I'd get a hoist myself. As a result they probably thought I was unstable or something, or a danger to mum as was said and the rest is history.
Social worker laughed at me for wanting someone to sit in the meeting with me and then tried to prevent someone being there by asking if mum was happy to have this person sit in on it and then made the appointment for the meeting for the very next morning where she brought another OT.
She had said on the phone that if I didn't let them in it would be deemed a refusal and they would return with carers to take over mum's care.
After losing my friend this year I couldn't bear the thought of them taking mum off me and I have been a wreck ever since, scared of my own shadow.