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paying for care

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Does anyone know the answer to this:
As we have worked all our lives and saved, when my husband, who has parkinsons (I am his sole carer 24/7) deteriorates to the point when I cannot manage him, he will have to go into a care home and we will pay all costs. I am worried that if he lives long enough he will exhaust all our savings (some in joint accounts, some in individual accounts) and I will then be left with only the house, which I will be living in, and have no money left for my own care. My understanding is that as his wife I will be responsible for his care fees when his own savings are spent. Is this accurate? Will I have to use my own savings to pay for his care? This is a big problem for many people, even those who have sold their houses to pay for care. Care homes use private payers to subsidise the council-paid residents as the council will not pay the full fees, and I think this stinks. Any advice will be welcomed.
You can't be forced to sell your home to pay for care unless you go into residential care in which caseyou usually do have to as it isn't considerby the athourities to be your home any longer it converts to a financial asset. You are allowed to keep a certain amount of savings each and I think I'm right in saying that depending on your ages that is somewhere between £16.500 -£25,000.
You could try ringing or emailing CarersUK. Or make an appointment with your local CAB? Thing is the government keep shifting the goal posts regarding savings, so what applies today could change in the future.

Another option to consider is for you both to move to an Extra Care Home or Village where they have on site carers etc and other facilities like hairdressers, laundry, shop, visiting post office/banks and communal entertainment / meeting place. There was aprogramme on BBC some time back about one of these Extra Care villages it was called Silvertown.