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Yet again another warning for the government, scientist have asked for the amount of cash available for research into dementia / alzheimers to be doubled they have stated unless the problems are addressed now the N,H,S, in the next few years will not be able to cope some 700-000 elderly disabled have dementia and the N.H.S. / social care system at the moment is finding it difficult .
We as carers support the N.H.S. / social care system by keeping our caree`s out of hospital and care /rest homes therefore we as carers should be rewarded for the "work" we do, carers uk should to day issue press release informing the powers that be just how important carers are it has been reported the cost of care for the elderly with dementia alone will double in the next few years if the carers allowance remains at such a low level or to get help after leaving work to care we have to spend weeks jumping through hoops just to get the allowance = less carers more trouble for the N.H.S. / social care system.

What continually seems to be overlooked is that not only are there many elderly people out there who will get (or have already got)a form of dementia,there are also people going into or have early age dementia ..approx from the age of 50yrs.
What is to me ..even worse,people with learning disabilities ( mainly downs syndrome) are totally IGNORED and approx 50% get it!! I cannot find any form of practical help out there at all and no indepth discussions either!! When a government can find billions of £s for various severe problems then they should be able to find the funding for Dementia care!! I started caring for my daughter from the moment of her birth and have fought many battles on her behalf ..this one is undoubtedly the hardest . She was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 37 but it had been suspected from the age of 32!
So now I am an elderly carer with a rapidly regressing daughter who gets no day care.I get NO Carers allowance because I am over 60. I do get respite but even that is in jepardy because of possible changes in respite rules.. So carer for 41 years,totally taken advantage of by various governments still battling the powers that be,might get dementia myself, but will be at any protest I can get to and hopefully put this callous government to shame!