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Patronising Shop assistants

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Ok Gripe of gripes, I can put up with kids staring, people parking in the disabled spot cos they have a pretent bad back etc, I can not do with Shop assistants/Doctors/Social Workers/physio staff that talk over Ange and ask me "Is she in pain all the time?" " Does she want chips with that?" "How old is she?" "What size does she want?" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Whats up with people, cant they just ask? Answer NO!!!

Gripe over Image
Been there, bought the t-shirt!

How many times have people we actually know said 'how's your Mum' when she's in front of me in the wheelchair - I've said ask her yourself, it's her legs and eyes that have gone, she's not deaf and dumb (well she's going a bit deaf in one ear but at 86 what can you expect!).

Feel free to gripe, that's what we're here for!

Take care

Ange cant speak much at all however she can answer yes/no closed questions etc, however because she has suffered from this kind of patronising she has learned to clearly say the expletives, Really clearly.. to the point that people look at me as if to accuse me of saying it..

Image I love it when she does it too..... Good on her
Hi there jean here l hate it when the so called professionals who are supposed to know better do it they look at me and say how is lisa today l just say to them why dont you ask her she has got some speech and l admit her understanding of questions is por but if its worderd appropriately she will get the gest of it it is bad enough coming from joe public but her doctors are suposed to know her it was down in her notes as being non verbal l asked them to take it out as she can speak not just clear l took her to doctors with me as l had an app for myself and l aksed the recepionist to keep an eye on her for me she went into panic mode asking things like what if she wants the loo it was a doctors app you only get five mins what can happen in five mins oh well thats my moan over for the day
have a nice day everyone sun is shining that must be a bonus
take care
I put this in a post on this site last year.
when we go shopping and Pat hand's over money some shop assistants go to give me the change I always refuse it.
We have doctors talking to me when they should be talking to Pat.
Pat will sometimes say I have lost my leg not my brain then they look silly
It's makes them think next time.
Pat gets moved out of the way when looking at thing's on shelves in shop's people are so rude to people in wheelchair's.
And as for disable parking spaces you know my thoughts on that as I started a thread about them also last year.
I had that once when I was in a shop the assistant spoke over my wife to me saying would she like some help I ignored her she finally got the message and asked my wife
Hi Wildthing nice to see you over here, I'm sure that you are not really located in hell - LOL! Image I'm Mexicola on the other side btw! Image

Why can't people talk to a person who has an illness/disablity like they would with everyone else? Image I just don't get it! Image