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Patientline in trouble Again? - Carers UK Forum

Patientline in trouble Again?

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Patientline have again been reprimanded for heavy sales tactics on hospital wards trying to sell their TV and Radio ans Telephone service, why is this private company allowed into our hospitals, the labour government gave them the contract, the government should be providing this service anyway for nothing to patients, they can afford to provide prisoners TVs and satelite and computers in prison, so how come they cannot provide the same service for honest law abiding citizens who are ill in hospital, another example of where this governments heart really is, it certainly has its priorities in the wrong order?

All the best Tony. Image
I wouldnt phone patientline phones, my cousin is in the hospital has been for a while, when u phone the person in hospital u have to listen to an electronic message for a start then get through, I was on it for about 2 mins and when I got my phone bill it came to about £3 odd never again!!!

As for prisoners they should be no tv no nothing, they should be given mind numbing boring jobs to do
Well said ozzysmum, patient line in my eyes is a ripoff.

All the best Tony. Image
Of course its a rip-off, as are parking charges for people who have to attend hospital either as a patient or a visitor. But then the whole NHS is a waste of time and money.

One of the biggest propoganda coups ever pulled off was the British government getting the people of this fair island to accept that the NHS was free. We pay through the nose for much worse services than are provided in places such as the USA where no-one pretends that health care is free, so those providing it are much more accountable, so the costs and the quality are much better controlled.
When my sister was in hospital before Christmas in isolation obviously I couldn't take Mum to see her so we rang every day for 2 weeks - £30 on the phone bill (well down to £27 because good old BT made her a temporary 'friends & family'!).

Telephone calls and hospital parking - all total ripoffs, as if it's not stressful enough being ill without all this on top Image

Believe me I am sticking UP for the NHS.
But in the USA if you don't have money or haven't got insurance you are out on a limb.
The NHS is far from being perfect and believe me I know that with how myself and close members of my family have been treated ie loss of limb's and the dreaded MRSA.
I would still not want be with out it.
If people can pay for there health care good luck to them if I could for my family I would.
So with the NHS with all it's faults people that cant pay at least get treatment even it is not always the best.
I personally would rather have it than nothing at all.
In the states where some of my relatives live the poor there just about get first aid treatment.
It's not free over here you are right John but think how much it would cost individuals to even go and see a doctor let alone treatment.
And think of operations like transplants how much they cost i have been working since I was 15 till i took early retirement to care for my wife so I have contributed my share but not even that would cover the cost of the operation's my self and my wife have had and that was with the experience of catching MRSA as well and I still wouldn't be with out the NHS.
If the government stopped all the holiday makers and those claiming asylum from getting free medical care they would save millions
No they wouldn't. You can't solve the problems of the NHS - or anything else - by beating up on the most vulnerable people in our society. As carers, we don't look for scapegoats to blame, we face up to the fact that we are brothers and sisters to other people in distress and need.