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Passing the buck, didn't help

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Hi, Never been on a forum before, but, I need to let others know the upset a computer inputting error can cause.
My husband suffers from MS Primary progressive. In 2014 I was caring for him and my mother was ill too, it was hard. I rang the adult social care department and after a visit it was agreed I would need help. A care plan was arranged. A visit from the finance team meant we needed to pay £47 a week. Signed the direct debt forms all was set up. But within a week I had a call from the social care stating the care would be a NIL cost. I queried this because we don't get something for nothing we always pay. I asked for this in writing, which I received. We had lovely carers very trusting. I struggled with working full time and the caring role, so I asked work if I could have flexible hours, but I was not allowed. So I went part time at another company. Within 2 weeks of me starting my new job, we had a call from finance team to check finance again. The same man came to go over the same questions, but he didn't have our previous file. This time he said it would cost £330 per month. I asked why it was nil and suddenly £330. He suggested I called the social team. I did, but the lady said no this was a finance problem, I rang finance team, they sent me back to social team - this went on five times and in the end the finance team linked up a 3 way conversation and once the link was made finance said goodbye and left me with an out of hours social team member. At this point I got upset and put the phone down.
We could not afford this amount of money, so we cancelled the care package. No one cared, not finance nor social team. After another call to finance the gentleman said 'as you know you should have paid last year', I commented that I did set the payment up and was then told it was nil, who should I believe?. He said it was their mistake on the computer, we were down as over 60. A call to a social care team member and she stated 'while you should have allocated your money better'. After that I took on the caring role myself. I now care for my husband, mother and my son is now ill with a rare disease and we are under a lot of stress with this. This stress is awful, no one is listening. I booked an appointment with my GP, 3 weeks in advanced and this was cancelled by them 2 days before appointment, the stress is unbearable. I keep going by riding my bike and going to the gym, but I am struggling to find the time now. Last week I collapsed at Pilates, this was the final straw - I insisted on seeing a GP. Also I have got back in contact with the social care team, many telephone calls later. I am going to fight this time and not sit back and give in. I am insisting that the old files are looked at, because I don't want the same errors to happen again and cause this stress again. I don't trust them yet. Also waiting to see if we get PIP (more worry).
Anybody else having a problem with errors causing stress? How did you fight it?
I have had endless problems. The only way to be taken seriously is to make a formal complaint to the Director of Social Services - NOT the local office. Once the Director is involved, he then kicks the local office into action.
I also made a "Subject Access Request" - in your situation, it should be written on behalf of your husband. It's the formal way of asking for a copy of your file. It's a legal requirement of the "Information Commissioner" that they are provided within a set time scale, I think 40 days.
Give dates, I suggest just before this fiasco started, to the present day.
You should have had WRITTEN copies of the financial assessments - were these ever provided?
If you are not satisfied with the response to your formal complaint, you can then complain to the Local Government Ombudsman.
I didn't know any of that. The information about - Subject Access Request is a positive move, if they don't bring the information this time. I will give the local social team a chance this time, if not than the Director of Social Services will be informed. I will fight this time, not let them brush me under a mat. Thank you for your advice.
Happy to help. I'm sure it says "beware this woman" on my file, but to the best of my knowledge and belief, I've never asked or expected anyone to do anything above and beyond what they were supposed to be doing anyhow. When told there is a shortage of resources, a favourite phrase, my reply is simple. "The authority has a duty to organise it's resources efficiently and effectively to meet it's duties. That's their problem, not mine!"