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Parking problem getting worse!

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The lady with the Blue Badge doesn't live there, Scally - it's her sister who is my neighbour, and we have a large wheelchair accessible vehicle for the wee one's power chair. Neighbour's sister has a small car, though, that wouldn't be difficult to park between other cars, whereas we won't be able to get the wheelchair ramp down if we don't have enough space between it and other cars.
I'm not looking forward to the weekend - I think she will be in the space as soon as we move.
Sorry: in that case I have no solutions to offer apart from moving home or purchasing a chainsaw and a machete. I live at the edge of a small town, and have space for four or five cars - by choice. The social life here is pretty limited, but at least parking is not an issue, and the hedges are high.
Was the disabled parking bay specifically created at your request when your grandson came to live with you and you needed a wheel-chair-access friendly parking spot? If so, then I would take the matter up with the council on that basis, now that 'someone else' seems to be using it 'regularly'.

When did your neighbour's sister start using it, and how frequently does she use it?

Because (a) if the bay was created for you at your request to the council initially and (b) this woman is now using it, say, more than 25% of the time and (c) YOU have now lost any place to load/unload your grandson in his wheelchair, then surely the council should EITHER assign the bay EXCLUSIVELY to you OR they should create another one so both you and your neighbour's sister (who is, after all, not a resident, only a visitor) can park.

Do you think there is any indication that your neighbour's sister is parking in the bay 'maliciously' - ie, simply to deprive you of it because of your neighbour's (inexplicable and vile) hostility to you?

I do think your first port of call should be to the council or to whoever created the disabled bay for you in the first place, and ask them what is the best to do, but that's why it's a good idea to get some record of how frequently and for how long a duration each time your neighbour's sister occupies it, so the council realises that her usage is most definitely harmful to your grandson.

If the council refuse either to assign it exclusively to you, or to create a second disabled bay for you, then I would go to the press with the story - at the very least it will name and shame the horrible neighbour and her clearly equally horrible sister!
Hi Jenny

The bay was placed there at our request and has been there for about seven years. All th other neighbours respect it as being for the wee one.
I spoke to the council as soon as this happened, but no-one has got back to me yet. The woman was in the bay today when we got home; she moved half an hour after we got home, so I had to leave the wee one in the house while I went to move our car back in, and he suffers from coughing fits that almost choke him.
I don't know how much more of this I can take.
Hi Caring,
You say your neighbour has private parking, what exactly? If it were a driveway and dropped kerb, I'd be tempted to park across it, and then move into your disabled space once her sister moves. I know you aren't supposed to do this and it isn't a solution but it will irritate the hell out of her and might make you feel better.

Another suggestion, get a couple of traffic cones to put on the space, with a note on saying returning at 4pm or whatever. It will probably be less hassle for her to park in a space than get out, move the cones, get back in and park.

However as suggested before, a name and shame article in the local paper, with a photo summing up the situation is both legal and what they deserve.

Don't know if this is legal?! A person a few doors away has actually put home made bollard posts up stating no parking. Seems to have worked.
Or sprung boundary posts. It's only a thought. I don't have a car so maybe talking nonsense! Please forgive if I am.
Just a thought but if adaptations are being paid for to the house, could you not put forward a case for them to create off street private parking too, as the on street no longer works?