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Parking problem getting worse! - Carers UK Forum

Parking problem getting worse!

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I've posted about this before, but the problem with parking has just got worse.
We have had a disabled parking bay outside our house (on street) for a few years now, because we applied for it for our grandson who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and lives with us permanently.
Our neighbour has always resented us having the use of this space, even though they have private parking. I came home one day, some time ago, to find their car in the space and her sister explained it was because she was visiting and had a sore leg. (I had a child in a wheelchair and three bags of messages, but that didn't seem relevant to her). She also said she had applied for a Blue Badge, and I came home today to find her parked in the space with her new Blue Badge.
I know that she is entitled to park there now, but we live on a very busy road, and the chances are that we won't be able to park anywhere near the house, if she uses it frequently. We also need space to put down the wheelchair ramp, which will be virtually impossible if we are boxed in by other vehicles.
I have heard of people having their parking spaces registered to their house or vehicle numbers, but no-one seems to know which regulations cover this; we are in Scotland.
Please, can anyone help? This is really getting me down.
Hello Caring - what a rotten neighbour ! To my mind they're just being plain vindictive :(

Not sure if they can help, but I suggest contacting the Carers UK Adviceline team - they're most likely to have an answer. (I take it that there is no way you can convert your own frontage into off street parking ?)
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Wow, let's hope your neighbour's house catches fire one day.....

Apart from that (!), how about taking a photo of her sister's car in the space, and, preferably a photo of her sister (walking!), and then a photo of your grandson and his wheelchair and ramp etc etc. Then post the whole sorry story to your local newspaper to 'name and shame' this horrible selfish woman.

By the way, surely having 'a sore leg' (!) does NOT warrant having a Blue Badge? Is it actually hers? Can one check up on that? As you know, there's a busy trade in stolen Blue Badges....

I do find it hard to get my head around a woman who is SO mean that she targets a lad with a terminal illness.....
Double park next to her and stop her from getting out.....
You're going too easy on them, Eun! Me, I'd slash their tyres and ram them out of the damn way, and feel really GOOD about it!

Mods - sorry if that is incitement! But I still CANNOT get my head around someone who takes a parking space from a child with DMD. I just can't.
Thanks for the support, everyone; the worst of it is that we have no other option but to have this house adapted for the wee one and we have just been awarded grant funding from the council for his wet room and downstairs bedroom, so this is our forever home now. It really upsets me that anyone can be so selfish.
Can you keep a log of the number of times this woman's sister uses the disabled bay? Take time-stamped photos on your phone, including the registration number. Photograph the Blue Badge as well, and can you enquire whether it is genuine?

Could you film this woman's sister walking to and from her car, to see how 'poorly' her leg is?? If she appears to be walking with ease, that may be grounds for fraudulent use of a Blue Badge.

Finally, only a thought, but would it be worth buying a really cheap banger for yourselves, and the moment the parking bay is empty, park the banger there, with your own Blue Badge in it, and use that to 'hold' the parking space when you are out with your 'real' (wheelchair adapted) car, so this wretched woman can't use it herself?
Even if you really struggle to walk, it's difficult to get a blue badge, so there is a strong possibility that there is something fishy about this woman's. I would be wary of getting involved personally, maybe have a word with the local traffic warden?
I think she probably has a legitimate Blue Badge, as she said she was applying for one - the sore leg may be due to a chronic health issue - but she can still get about very well, and my grandson informs me she works as a dinner lady at his school.
I like the idea of an alternative car for the space, though!
I would suggest you phone your councillor: there is no reason why your neighbour cannot have her own space marked out as well.
Parking is a very stressful issue in many of our older terraced and tenemented streets, that's true, but the only way to solve the problem is through working together: selfishness just makes the problem worse, not better. This is true even in some very expensive neighbourhoods - I was staying with my sister in Dulwich last week where the houses are traditional semis and cost nearly a million pounds each, and they had exactly the same problem! Ultimately - as well as using car-pools or improving public transport - we do need to create more parking spaces for residents, which includes ideas like 'grasscreting' over grassed areas which gives hard surfacing for cars but allows the grass to grow through.
Another idea is using smaller cars - all those lengthy cars like BMW's and Range Rovers for the school run take up far more space: maybe there should be a higher car tax per foot, giving small cars like Smart cars and Minis an advantage :!: :lol: