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Help For Suicidal Bereaved Carers - Carers UK Forum

Help For Suicidal Bereaved Carers

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I just wanted to make carers aware of the medical help that I have received, which exists in other parts of the country, but people may not be aware of it.

There are pschychiatric teams often called 'Crisis Teams' or 'Crisis Resolution teams'. They support people who have attempted suicide or who are considered at real risk of suicide. Once you have been assessed, they will arrange to come out to see you usually every day initially so that you have a chance to talk about your feelings and so that you have regular support. You also have access to them 24 hours a day if you start to feel particularly bad and if you feel that a suicide attempt may be imminent. You phone them and they will come out night or day in an emergency. They are psychiatric nurses, usually very approachable and down-to-earth and it doesn't really feel like a psychiatric team.

I was referred by an out of hours doctor but a GP can refer as well. I have only just found out that a GP can refer you - I had thought it was only out of hours doctors who could access them in what might be deemed an emergency situation . You do have to be in a serious situation to be referred, but I hope this might help other carers if you do feel at imminent risk of suicide. Please see your GP or out of hours doctor (the one on call when the GP's surgery is closed) and see if they think this help might be appropriate for you.

My local CRUSE office will take people on 6 weeks after a death so I start group counselling sessions next week - I think group sessions will allow me to get to know some other people in the same situation.
Sadly the crisis team does not always help to resolve the issues.
In Pembrokeshire they go off duty at 10pm!I did phone once, just after 10pm,and was told that they would get the crisis team to phone me the next morning.They were hopeless, sadly, when they did come to the house.(They are part of the Social Services Psychiatric Team).
I am so pleased that your Crisis team is being supportive,it is good to hear that there are supportive teams out there,and that they do what they are supposed to do.x
we have an out ours service to call from 5pm till 8am monday to fri weekends they work 8am till 8am till next worker comes on duty can be a while before they contact you as there is only one person on each eve and weekend as for crisis team out of hrs gp just sends you to a and e for an assesment then they decide a gp in our area can not refer you to crisis team has to be a physc