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Panorama tonight (23/4) Abuse of the elderly in care homes - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Panorama tonight (23/4) Abuse of the elderly in care homes

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This was on TV earlier this morning

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -cash.html
I watched this documentary.

I agree that it would be good for such programmes to show positive stories too and promote voluntary work/visiting at homes too.

I also think that until CQC do a better job, it is a good job that people are raising public awareness and whistleblowing on care homes such as the one featured.

If staff are poorly paid, untrained, overworked due to understaffing - then this sort of treatment will continue.

The social services homes in our area that offer respite (for those with learning difficulties) are appalling, hence I am always close to the edge of exhaustion ... It is a real postcode lottery for those who need residential care for whatever reason whether for respite or fulltime care,

There is no suitable respite at all for my 26 year old physically disabled son. The only respite available is in a childrens hospice on the other side of Scotland and the amount of time has been drastically cut. They have spent £100,000 of charity money on a fancy "den" for the older ones and are now drastically cutting back the time the youngsters are allowed to go plus they are not allowing them all to go together. I truly think they are trying to sicken the boys so that the lads will just say forget it and stay away.
However, they want son to go and give a speech at the SECC, in his capacity as Chair of the Young Adult Council, saying how wonderful they are!!??? They want to write the speech and have son recite it but he is refusing unless they allow him to put the points of the Young Adult Council over regarding the fact that the amount of respite days have been cut (without prior consultation with the YAC) and that they are considering a cut off age of 18 years (without consulting the YAC and against CHAS own remit which was "support from point of diagnosis until point of death and beyond" not "as soon as you hit 18 you have lived too long and we will kick you out regardless of the fact there is nothing else").

My son says its a pity they can't have a Club 18-40 for hospices! He would vote for them having pole dancers he says - I'd settle for them looking after him properly so we can have a bit of a rest without worrying if they are being unpleasant to him or not. Comments such as "You shouldn't be here this is a children's hospice - the clues in the name" or suggesting that other children aren't healthy - like him. Yes other children are sick but my son is by no means healthy. OK he has survived longer than he should have but he still has a terminal condition for goodness sake!

Eun, if I was Rob I'd agree to read off their speech and memorise my own...and "confuse" the two...