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Panorama Thursday - Carers UK Forum

Panorama Thursday

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Panorama Thursday 9th April BBC 1 - 9pm


An undercover investigation into the quality of care for the older generation, exposing a world of disorganization and poor management. Reporter Paul Kenyon reveals how local authorities are auctioning off care to the elderly to the lowest bidder, a situation which Joan Bakewell, the Government’s newly appointed Voice of Older People is determined to see change.

Worth a watch eh?
i was sacked two times for reporting a murder once and abuse. The manger who was had nurse got found guilty
Getting the sack for being honest and then discovering they were guilty after all deserves some sort of compensation surely?
Thanks DOrOthyG, I'll try and watch that.
we tried to get STAN into care home for respite break for me to have a rest but the only home that could care for someone with alzheimers was an fing dump he did stay for the 2 weeks as i was away but no way would he ever go back that is the main reason why the old doll come hell or high water will never ever go into the same kind of dump we as carers save the state cash by keeping our elderly disabled relatives out of the social care system and the N.H.S. ( with a bit of luck) and we should be paid at least half of what we save we have been quoted some £3-600 per month for her full time care within care/rest home she would of course lose her pensions but evn then the local authority / N.H.S. would have to find about £2-000 per month i strongly believe we should get some of that cash back for the work we do and was it not GORDON BROWN who said he wanted the elderly / disabled to remain within their own homes with dignity and compassion if that is what they wanted with out the need to sell their family home ( to late for us) with full funding for them to do so MEANS TESTED YOU MUPPET .
Dont forget we have a new comission set up with the powers to close care / rest homes at a stroke i can give them a few addresses now , so get a move on and get them shut .
re the auction of the elderly into care does the elderly disabled person not have a choice as to where they want to live out the last few years of their lives what an fing disgarce

Concern is growing over the expansion of home-based care for the elderly after apparent neglect, poor standards and numerous breaches of regulations were disclosed.

An investigation by the BBC's Panorama found evidence that appears to show old people being left alone for many hours because of missed or shortened visits, untrained staff using potentially dangerous equipment such as hoists, and agencies failing to make criminal record checks on staff.
Before we shut down for a day or so= this programme must be watched by all since 1997 ive had no faith with the care / rest home system and even day centers and local authority care workers who can visist for a few hours to give the full time carer a break and lets not forget many elderly / disabled pay for this service it aint always free, but when the private firms took over the social care of the elderly / disabled it was obvious to one and all it would end in disaster the whole social care system is not fit for purpose .
It`s high time the carer groups like CARERSUK went on the ofensive its no good watching all that is bad within the social care system and just being prepared to accept the customary "PAT ON THE BACK " and every now and again sitting and giving evedence at reviews , comission`s or select committie`s it`s time the government were told in no uncertain terms many family members become carers not just because they love their parents or they want to protect their inheritence ( the house ) they take on this demanding job because they do not trust the socialm care system at all i strongly believe it`s time we as carers were not just fobbed off with £50 a week for a job that private firms would charge £15 at least per hour .
The government in stead of putting bariers up for carers should in fact encourage family members to become carers however the carers will have to be paid for the work we do and the cash we save not just the N.H.S. but the local authority it`s so obvious to us carers that we do a good job we treat our family members with dignity , respet and compassion and generly within their own home and after all thats what GORDON BROWN has said time after time if we as carers dont get paid no one will do this job.
Do we not have a new care quality comission ( old boy network no doubt) re care homes and care workers if so when will they start work and take action
When carersuk meet with the P.M. you must talk only about the alowance if he wants to go off on a tangent as he will want to bring him back in line it`s the allowance MR BROWN if the allowance is not increased you will in the future have difficulty in family members being prepared to take on the role of full time carer.
The new legislation re carers / parents at work is useless to many full time carers who have dedicated their lives to the care of their elderly disabled parents lets not just accept the pat on the back again .
As STAN used to say it`s time to put your foot down with a firm hand .
the meeting with the P.M. takes place after the budget and no doubt he will inform one and all sorry you mugs ive got no cash left.
At one point I had to do three half-hour lunch calls between 1200 and 1300. I was so rushed that I struggled to give clients their appointed time.

But my worst moment was still to come.

Read here
hence why i liked working for carewatch--- i knew the people i would see would at least have some one talk to them
in training we where told they r not our friends-- they are clients (sod that)

the 3 lunch calls in an hour-- it happens there as well

Safely handling and moving some one who is bed bound-- on yer own

care work does go to the cheapest bidder and my training was 3 days in an office and one day shadowing so very easy patients

I had to blag my way through on my own, domicillary care is terrible and we where told to be in and out, dont sit and have a natter-- sorry but alot of people just want to have a chat

As i said before i got my P45 in the post-- i complained because of how a few of the workers where treating the elderly like a peice of meat and not people,, no towl over the lap while they wash to help keep some dignity, the ladies not provided a towle to cover the best while they where washed and many not given chance to eat breakfast as they couldnt eat fast enough

I got told off for running behind one night, a lady had fallen and had to call an ambulance to pick her up-- i was told i had 3 other people to see in the space of an hour and i should have picked her up myself... i complained and kicked off-- thats some ones mum, nan, sister and was some ones daughter

Although i love care work i would not do it for an agency ever again and i would not let any one else go through an agency, id do it meself