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Panorama Crisis in Care on now - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

Panorama Crisis in Care on now

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I am just watching Part 2 which I recorded and feeling very cross. My Mum is in the same position as the lady on there who had to sell her home to pay her care home fees. Whichever way I look at it, it is just NOT fair that in addition to having to do this she is subsidising people who the council fund. The councils pay around £500 a week whereas my Mum is now paying over £800 a week. The woman at Somerset council is saying “this is not fair but what else can we do?”

I often have sleepless nights worrying about what will happen to my Mum when her money runs out.
Under the present system , both homeowners and non homeowners lose out.

( NHS ? Does NOT distinguish between " Rich and poor " ... equality at probably it's best in actual practice ? )

Hence that forthcoming GREEN PAPER ... for all the background and more , said main thread ?

Where's the modern day Nye Bevan when we need him most ???
Agree entirely with Penny's comment - also my main bugbear.

Although the large care home companies (eg. Somerset Care) say that they cannot operate on what the LA pays them, in many cases this is because of the way these care companies are set up where their properties are sold on (making a nice windfall for the directors) and the actual care homes then have to pay an inflated rent to the new owners (which obviously has to be covered by residents' fees).

My husband has worked in finance all his life - he knows how this works!
Running care homes , manufacturing tins of baked beans.

Where there is monies to be made , one will find private capital.

And , when the monies cease to flow , capital takes flight ... as with care homes rapidly disappearing from the privately
owned sector ... as one will see within the main CARE HOMES thread.
Penny, I well remember that bit. Robbery in plain sight!

When mum had carers in her home, the council arranged the care package and then the council invoiced mum. She got the council rate.

Going it alone regarding care leaves you with no bargaining power - care agencies and homes seem to be free to charge what they like!