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Palliative Care

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Hi Charmian....so sorry to hear of your sad loss,my thoughts are with you!!!!

((BIG HUGS)) Eve x x Will be thinking of you tomorrow!!! x x
Lavender candle will be lit tomorrow as promised. I hope all goes well.

Hubby has a podiatrist appointment at the same time, so if things get tough for you, think of him getting his heels scraped!xx
Thinking of you today.
Charmain, I have only just read your post and would also like to offer my condolences at your sad loss. I will be thinking of you today.

Bell x
Hi Charmain, I hope the funeral went as well as could be expected - I have been thinking of you
Thank you again everybody for your loving words. Today, of course was traumatic, but wonderfully, the sun was out and even felt warm! The funeral service was beautiful, arranged by myself and the two children. We played pieces of Brent's favourite music, I got up and spoke, so did my daughter. My son played some music on his guitar which he had composed, and a great friend of my late husband's spoke movingly about their long friendship. All three grandchildren were there, including the youngest, who is only 13 months old. Bless her, she didn't make a sound throughout the whole service! But I found out afterwards that she was being fed her favourite biscuits the whole time! An incredibly sad day, but also, strangely, a beautiful day, being together with my dearest husband one last time. Oh God, how I miss him. But, I have a million wonderful memories that nobody can take away from me, and I will carry them with me always.
Thank you again kind friends.
I am so pleased everything went well for you yesterday.

Brent`s candle burned for fourteen hours.

Your memories in your heart can`t be taken from you but will comfort you to be able to share them with others.xx