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paid carers and toilets

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i take garry into the disabled toilet with me if im needing , sometimes we get funny looks as occasionally they are situated in the ladies and the gents and i use the ladies one. hes 36 now so not a wee boy.
with my worki have done the same with some of the younger ones and the older pupils as well depending on how bad there learning disability is.

We tend to use the disabled loo together.

When OH had catheter and leg bag after his ops we used a night bag when travelling as it holds more, disconnecting it before he left the car. Used to have it going through leg bag into night bag and slight pressure on leg bag emptied it completely before disconnection.

When I worked in residential care we were expected not to need the loo whilst out with clients, and would certainly not have felt comfortable using the loo infront of them......used to wish I had a catheter myself Image

An interesting debate ahead. No doubt some numptie in the EU has made a declaration about the situation.

Take care
i have been a paid carer for over 20 years and a informal carer for over 8 years and I have to say I am stumped on this one. As i think most ladies are quite understanding i think i would take him in the ladies with me , depending on if he would wander off . If i was working with someone with severe learning disability I would probably take him in the disabled loo with me. I suppose it would be great if all carers willing to lend a few mins in this scenario wore a little pin badge maybe a rainbow or something similar or two hands joined together , we would know who we may approach. U would still need good judgement , but could help with the lesser learning disabled who just need re assurance when left for a few mins .
i dont get this problem as i cant go in public loos- i know its very bad for my insides but whilest up the duff I HAD TO go and it was awful, i cant eave amy outside as she seems to think she knows every one and wonders off in search of soap , anti bacterial hand gel ect.. it took ages to go as she watched and then went on to say loudly- mum u wee well loud! When she has to go we use the dissabed loo, i lift her on and wait with my back towards her to give her privacy and thnehelp her get off and then watch her do the cleaning process