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paid carers and toilets

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Sorry about the weird subject title!
I just wondered if anyone had come across difficulties with carers using the loo while out with carees. My friend uses MENCAP to take her lad out using direct payments. Today she had a new carer for him and the female carer asked what she should do if she needed to go to the loo. She said that she normally asked a member of the public to "watch" the caree for a couple of minutes while she visited the loo.
I really hadnt given this subject much thought and just wondered if anyone had any thoughts.
If that happens and the PA or I are out with hubby and need the loo - we have to drive hubby's wheelchair to a spot near the loos, so's he's not in people's way and then dash in and out of the loo as fast as we can. I've even been known to actually RUN to and from the toilets, so's he's not on his own for very long. It's in case he spasms and falls forward in the chair, he could fall out, see.
He tells us not to rush, but we can't help it. Sometimes I walk out of his sight and THEN I RUN, so's he doesn't tell me off for worrying.

I don't know what your helper would do, can't she take him with her and get him to wait inside the ladies by the sinks for example? Hope she finds a solution, it's worth asking the question though, valid point.
It is something I have given a lot of thought to, since my son was sexually assaulted(whilst in respite care).He now only has male Care Assistants,so that issue does not crop up. If I am out with him, and I need the loo,it is an issue too, if either one of us want to go.As long as we are in places which we know, then as long as I am near in case he needs me, then all is well.More often than not,my husband is with us too.
Answering this as a sister not as a paid worker . Unless it's somewhere we were known I take him in with me or preferably use the disabled facilities if available. Occassionally I get odd looks especially with him being 43 yrs and 6ft 2" but when you have to go, you have to go.
Some shops we go in I know the security fellas and they will stand with brother whilst I nip in toilets. Does not happen very often but we all know what its like to get caught short Image
Good heavens Lazydaisy I didnt know that about your son Image

I just take Sarah with me but not sure what would happen if hubby was out with her as a)she needs help in the loo b) We wouldnt leave her alone outside the loo if one of us needed it
Rob uses a sheath and a legbag so we don't need to worry about toilets anymore.

If Im out with my own son then I use the disabled loo while he stands and plays with the sink taps. I dont think I could ask a female carer to have a grown man in the loo with her. My son is similar to my friends with severe learning difficulties, non verbal etc and would just disappear if he was left alone to wait outside.
It's a very interesting, valid and important question Daisy and one with no easy answers.
My husband is fine to leave alone for a bit when I need to disappear for a while. However, if we go out its me "driving" the wheelchair so I take him to the disabled. I have to stay with him because he is at risk of falling when he stands up.

I think anyone that requires a carer is entitled to use the disabled - as are their carers if its not a good idea to leave your caree alone, for any reason.
Eun, we have the problem if we're out and the legbag is full. When it's full, as you know, it needs emptying "NOW"!!!!!! And trying to find somewhere to discretely empty it, well ........... You're not always near a loo, usually loads of people about and don't even mention being on the motorway.
You know what it's like.
We always make sure it's empty before we go out, but can't guarantee it'll remain that way by the time we've got to the end of the lane!!! Some days there's a full bag every few hours, some days there's nothing all day.
Image Image

It's a good idea to both use the disabled loos, couldn't the helper do that? Or would she feel uncomfortable with that?

No easy answer is there? See, that's what people don't normally think about - it's logistics AGAIN.

I don't know HOW WE ALL COPE! Image Image Image