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About Mother's Fall.... - Carers UK Forum

About Mother's Fall....

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.......I don't know if any of you remember the time when my Mother fell and was left laying on her lounge floor for some hours because her Care Worker hadn't put her lifeline on her cardigan when she got her dressed?
I was reading Littlerachet's post about POVA......and I realised that I hadn't posted my own experience.
We were visited by the Social Worker and was told about what had happened, ie: the Care Worker hadn't put Mum's lifeline back on her cardigan - had left it on her dressing gown in her bedroom! Hence, she had a fall and wasn't able to call anyone. This, actually, was the start of her losing what mobility she did have - and going into hospital.
Well, I had a call from the Social Worker not long back to say that the Worker concerned had resigned and the Care company were 'retraining' their workers to make sure they realised how important these lifelines were and to make sure their clients were wearing them at all times.
How this has worked in practise, I don't know, as Mum has been in and out of hospital and is still in respite care now! I'm still really angry at this happening, but I can't go back and change the circumstances so have to try to let go of it (the whole situation) and make sure that Mum is looked after safely where she is now.
I have to remind myself that sometimes, Good comes out of Bad.
Sorry to read this Pamela. I think its such a sad reflection of life...people know the theory through their training but fail to put it in practise. I lost count the number of times that I contacted the care agencies because they didn't follow the "care plan" that was set out very clearly in a folder next to Mum's bed. Even something as simple as actually staying with Mum for the allocated (and paid for) time was often abused. What the carers either didn't take on board was the fact that Mum didn't just need the personal care, she needed and wanted the company too. So perhaps maybe her tea was made and given within 10 minutes, she still had 35 minutes left when they could simply have been with her. The problem was in my opinion, either the carers were being pushed too far, ie too many patients to visit or they simply didn't really "care", just wanted to do a job and get themselves home.

Makes me upset now just thinking about it all....Mum being there on her own. I hope Pamela that perhaps your Mum decides to stay in the home where she has company 25 hours a day and that she is happy there.

These things always seem to happen when 'we're' not around, don't they? Like when I just came inside for a coffee, instead of staying outside when the PA was getting hubby out of the car. Then I could have stopped him falling or at least stopped the PA from doing it wrong (after she'd been doing it right all day).
And you, Pamela not being there with your mum.
And everybody else whose loved ones have calamities with assistants, cos they can't be there.

We're not perfect at looking after our loved ones and we do make mistakes, BUT we do care and think about what we're doing and have that sixth sense when it comes to forward thinking. But we can't be around them all the time.