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Overnight personal nurse/care

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Hi. My 91 year old mum, who is blind and deaf, is currently in hospital with pneumonia. She is being treated for the pneumonia but I am so worried about the basic nursing care she is being given. She has constantly been left without the buzzer to alert nurses that she needs help and has been left to lay flat, contrary to Dr's instructions.
My self and my son have been with her most of the day so we can pick up the pieces. However I am getting increasingly anxious about her overnight care.
Mum has now got a UTI as well and is getting very distressed because of bad hallucinations.
If affordable, I would like to arrange someone to sit by her overnight. I have seen this when my son was ill in hospital but I don't know who or where to go to start the process. Can anyone help please? :-???
My caree had 24/7 one to one Care in hospital as well as for five years in a dementia care home.....but it was funded by the NHS because he had complex medical needs. But I say it to show that it IS possible to manage nursing care that way on a ward so I think in theory it should be possible to arrange it privately. (Of course it's shocking that the need exists.....NHS failing her and you and that makes me sad).

All I suggest is that you initially speak to the ward manager and kick start this. IN England at least hospitals also have a PALS set up which may be appropriate for you to contact though I suggest the ward manager will be able to signpost you.
Hope things improve for you both.
Ooooer, sorry.....and welcome to the forum :)
[quote="Dancedintherain"]Thank you for your advise. I live in Wales and will follow up your advise :D
Hi Vanessa

I live in north Wales and my local hospital comes under the Betsi Cadwaladr trust and they have recently recognised and set up a Carers reference group, as it had been shown that Carers have not been listened to.
Alot of nurses and other staff have been asked to attend extra training to listen to Carers, dementia training and also address Carers concerns and act up on this. But as they have so many thousand staff across the hospital group to train, not all would have got thru their training yet. How can they need this extra training is beyond me but they do need this!
As suggested, do contact PALS, after having spoke to the ward manager/Sister or Charge nurse and stress that you need to take the issues to their managers - in the interests of your Mum's care.
I have had to do this many a time.
The hospital staff have taken notice eventually.

Please PM me if your mum is in a north Wales hospital as I can pass on a pass on some names of who to complain to if you are not getting any satisfaction.
I have not looked at this site for over a week so have just seen your post.

Wishing you all the best.