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in a way good news! - Carers UK Forum

in a way good news!

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Right i got accused of benefit fraud,, i worked at the nursery and sent my wage slips off every month to the income support people ,, never to get anything from them untill a letter in may saying that i had an interview for fraud... So i went explained my side and they lady was lovely and said tht it was sitll my fault i hadnt done enough to tell them i was working ( becasue a letter every month and a wage slip wasnt enough obviously) well i got the letter through today

I am going to have a formal caution and no further action apart from £9 a week taken off my income supprt (whch is £15) untill nearly £500 is paid off so in 56 weeks i will have paid it all off. I dont think its my fault as i told them but i really can not be bothered to argue. and im just very pleased i dont have to go to court as i wouldnt have time with amys operations
A few months after STAN died the old doll received £1-200 from newcastle city council we were away at the time so never noticed the cash mums bank account was in a mess as the joint account was closed and money was coming in from all over the place, any way this £1-200 was for council tax and housing benefit but it was in fact an overpayment we knew nothing of this till council contacted us about it my mother without even talking to council was told it was recoverable at wait for it £20 per month talk about a cheap loan

george- not so miserable at the moment
it made me laugh that they claim never to have recieved a wage slip?!?!?!?

the benifits system does need a big shake up to potect us all from this as i was nearly having kittens over it ,, i thought id go to prison ! (being a worrier that i am thought the worse case!)
This is disgusting - have you spoken to your local law centre?

Whenever I send the (unrepeatable) anything I send it at the very least recorded delivery, sometimes special registered delivery, it costs a bit but worth it ( you should always have proof when you send them anything).

i think I would dispute this with them............. Image
Sounds like they need to check that someone isn't "losing" post they don't want to deal with...

And how did they "discover" the "fraud" in the first place?

The whole thing stinks! Image
I sent all my information to DWP. now they tell me they have overpaid me by £15 a week.
When will they get it right.
They paid my son & his wife £ 2,500 to much they are both working and they had sent all that information to them when at one time they asked like myself if we were being overpaid we were both told no now they want it back in both cases.
Who trains these people.
I, too, was interviewed under caution for suspected benefits fraud. I had applied for Income Support and sent a letter with my application form detailing the fact that I had lived off my savings for 5 years. Of course they didn't read the letter! It went straight into archives. Neither did they ask to see any bank statments or any proof of savings. So, 3 months after IS was granted, I was sent a threatening letter and a fraud investigator arrived. It turned out they had checked my tax record for 2004 and deduced I had £30,000 stached away!

Apart from anything else, I had mentioned in my letter that I suffered from stress-related illness and they had ignored this. What would have happened if I had been suicidal when I got a threatening letter accusing me of fraud! I was so anry I wrote to my MP and got a full apology plus an assurance I was not listed anywhere as a suspected 'criminal.

I would suggest that anyone who suffers because of a mistake made by DWP MUST write to their MP and ask for a full exlanation. Your MP is the 'boss' of your local DWP and a letter or two from him/her will put the cat amongst the pigeons. It may or may not not get you anywhere financially, but unless people write, the government will never know the true extent of the problems innocent people face because of incompetence at the DWP.

If you do suffer financially or emotionally because of mistakes, there is a conpensation mechanism in place. You need to apply for compensation, though, they won't offer it.