Outside Carers : LA Found Negligent In Not Proving Care

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I thought you'd like that Chris!
At my suggestion, the agency did an internal audit a year ago, when I was on holiday. It was buried for several months until I insisted on a copy. The auditor was highly critical of the system used, in the belief it was my creation, but it wasn't , it was their own! None of the recommendations were ever followed.
The " Watchdog " for LAs ... The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman


A little more interesting ... Complaint Expert ... watches the watchdogs !

http://www.complaintexpert.co.uk/can-we ... aints.html

A free taster :

LGO Watch is far from the work of a few disgruntled complainants, even the LGO’s own customer satisfaction survey revealed that a whopping 73% of complainants were dissatisfied by the outcome of their individual cases.

Since its founding in 2003, the Watch has amassed a legion of supporters nationwide, and a similar Scottish watch has since been set up to target the corruption in local government north of the border.

Oh what fun ... for some ???
M's care agency manager rang me about an hour ago. In the course of the conversation, when I raised the issue of staff not doing what they said they would, she said that they were now going to ring the staff at the end of every shift to find out what they'd actually done.
Will it work? Who knows? However, I do feel it would help if the manager wrote down for the benefit of staff exactly what they were supposed to be doing, what food, what activity etc.! At the moment the diary and calendar are EMPTY. I've suggested that if this doesn't work they ask the LA to find another agency who can support him properly.
Reminds me of an old book ... essential reading during my banking days ... " The One Minute Manager " ... by Kenneth Blanchard & Spenser Johnson.

In essence , a business firing on all cylinders ... same principle and practices should be made compulsory in all non business organisations !!!

A case of ALL employees , at ALL levels , knowing precisely what they should be doing ... and when.

Today , in most , only the tea lady can be relied on ... assuming she has not been replacd by a machine ... which occasionly dispenses a cup with one's choice of flavoured water ???

The poor old tea lady in CUK hq ... " Sugar ? " ... " Let me think about it. Should i , could I , would I ... that indeed is the question ? There again , perhaps I should reconsider ? "

In LAs , does one strike with a hammer before his / her colleague places the spike ... said hand where the spike should be ???
I'm afraid the concept of "management" is alien to both the agency and SSD. Both rely on writing a care plan (yes, there are two different plans, one written by SSD, the other by the agency!) then telling staff to read the agency plan. I've never been given the opportunity to correct either of them, and for a long time, the agency plan wasn't at the flat. Then they posted another, it's still in the drawer, still with the heavy polythene posting envelope round it. I spent 20 years writing a magazine for lorry enthusiasts, some were semi literate, some were millionaire fleet owners. Not easy keeping the balance right.
My pages had headers at the top of each page, and the page number at the bottom. It had an index telling people what was in the magazine, and what page. Each page had the contents written at the top, on the top left for the left hand page, top right on the right hand page, so you could easily flick through and find what you wanted at a glance.
The agency plan has no index, no page numbers, no contents details at the top of each page. Even when I know what is in there I may not find it, in practice, staff just ignore it. Actually, I don't blame them.
It's written on Publisher, same as my mag. was, so I've offered to help them tweak it to make it easier to read. Ignored of course.