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My knee is basically f****d and I need to have an opperation and get it sorted. this will put me out of action for I don't know how long. What do I do about caring for my wife? I have to dress her, help her on and off the bog etc, she needs special care that I'm in tune with. Her going into a home or something isn't an option because of her problems.
You have three options, Turbo...

Ask the audience
Phone a friend
Call social services 24 hr emergency hotline .... and listen to them titter shamelessly... !!

Nah, seriously it's probably worth a try ... let us know what they say.
ok will do Image
do you have a dedicated keyworker, most of us in your area do, if you are already 'known' to SSs. They should be able to help.
I have found Katherine House very good too, in an emergency, but, again, you must be already known to them.
Let us know how you get on.
Hi Jim

May not be as bad as you think, depends on what they are going to do.

Mum has had total knee replacement on both knees - in both cases she was up and about within a couple of days (albeit only creeping around to start with !). Usually 7 - 10 day hospital stay, then 6 weeks physio - very important that exercises are done 3 - 4 times a day EVERYDAY; the more you do the quicker you get full mobililty back. Overall they reckon 6 - 9 months for full range of movement. But most patients can do most things within a few weeks - only might take a bit longer to do the household chores !

However if the op is an arthroscopy (keyhole cleanout !) then you will be back to full mobility much quicker.

How quickly you get back to 'normal' will also depend on your age and general fitness level. Mum was 84 when she had the 2nd one done and was not as fit as when the first one was done, so unfortunately I have to be honest and say that her mobility is still not good one year on; but on the plus side I have much younger friends (60ish) who have had the op and who have recovered completely - dancing; bicycling; fell walking as if nothing had ever been wrong.

So good luck with the op and I hope you can find someone to be with your wife whilst you are in hospital.

Thanks for the replies guys. Basically I need to have a new joint fitted as my left knee is worn out. My big problem is that I have to lift my wife up and about it it puts a huge strain on my joints, non of which are up to much!