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Opinions please...

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Yes, Jenny, I really don't understand it. I would understand someone with cerebral palsy and whatever else he has deciding to emphasize he can do everything himself and denying that he or even others need much help. But I can't understand what he has against us carers. He speaks of 'the carers movement', which seems like a bogeyman he sets up. Either he has some issues with carers that he's not really aware of, or he is cynically exaggerating his point of view for journalistic effect. I don't think they should have published it - not that he's not entitled to his point of view, of course. All very difficult.
I think part of it is controversy for controversy's sake, whatever makes a name for yourself and pays the bills. I think this guy also wrote a blog about why he accepted a paid consultancy role with ATOS in the transition to PIP, it read like he needed to defend himself so perhaps within the wider disability establishment he is an outsider.
Both articles highlight the inability to step into the carer's perspective, or perhaps the inability to step out of their own perspective. I had hoped the author of this article would be wary of dismissing the lived experience of a group of people who are often exploited, and restrain himself from making this a competition between carers and the disabled. We have more in common than he realises.
Thanks for the extra information, Frito. The comments under the article say a lot too.