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Oops that wasnt clever

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I know things have been rough lately, lack of sleep definately not helping etc.

Put a Pizza in the oven as I really couldnt be bothered to cook a meal tonite, 20 minutes later I smell something odd, goes into the kitchen and sure enough ive put the top oven on instead of the main oven Image so I grab the oven glove and take the frying pan out as the oil is now sizzling and smoking like a goodun and had a load of fat spit out all over my right arm, hurts like hell, hasnt blistered but ive got some nice red blotches now Image
have you ran it under the cold tap,your not alone,lack of sleep doesn't help life at all,only seem to wake up at bedtime,the wifes alzheimers consultant told me to calm down and accept the condition and get on with life but never had the $50000 answer to the question of how to
Hold your arm under cold water for a while to take sting out of it and help with some of the redness. Keep an eye out for any blistering too. Don't be afraid to go to A&E with it if you have to. And for heaven's sake don't go putting any butter or ointments on it like my caree wanted to when I burned myself.
Tooth paste is good for small burns Image Image
Oh dear Simon, I thought that sort of thing was only something I would do! Image
I hope it heals soon and doesn't hurt too much x

The only bad thing I have done this week is.....Get confused with OH's pills.... gave him Saturday mornings instead of Fridays... he thought he'd lost a whole day...
pretty good for me really
My favourite trick with pizza is forgetting to take the plastic tray off before I put it in the oven Image
When ever I ask the kids if they want pizza they ask if its with plastic or chips Image

Hope the arm gets better soon
Booksey,that's what i thought he was going to say when i first started reading about the pizza.

Simon, hope your feeling a bit better. Lack of sleep really does lead us to not thinking straight. x
Sleep deprivation is the WORST.

How is your arm today?

My arm is REALLY painfull, its only 3 very very small spots tht have burnt andthe skin come off but its really sore Image
it will be Image