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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
As a life long trade unionist and supporter of the labour party i just cant believe the idiots we have running the labour party at the moment .

when it was obvious to many government ministers that the council elections would show labour with if lucky about 23% of the vote out came the excuses and they all said the same WE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THE PUBLIC
if they dont want a total melt down lets hope they have listened to the 6/7 million carers who are waiting for the rersult of the carers review due to be published during carers week ?

if they have been listening we should see the 750-000 carers many who "work" 24/7 and receive the carers allowance of £50 per week get an increase in the allowance double or more (dont bank on it)

working carers lets hope they get some help iam never sure as to what working carers want so all i can say is lets give them some help.

youing carers what will they get ???

carers in receipt of O.A.P. will they be able to keep the carers allowance ?

i believe we will get nothing at all he may say if re-elected he will increase the allowance but at the moment he just has not got the cash if the review finds that in my case the carers allowance should be increased and he does not do so carers uk should get out and get as much publicity as we can dont let it drop keep going he said he would listen but will he be listening to carers 4/5/6/7 million carers its a lot of votes GORDON just think about it.

if he is listening we will all get a nice pay rise just int time for xmas maybe the pay rise will cover the £150 extra tax ive got to pay next year.

At the moment I get Nothing any improvement on that will better than at the moment.
Call me what you like O.A.P- Old Git- Silver Surfer-Wrinkly.
I Ain't getting Nothing and never got anything due to the overlap rule.
So come on give those that get nothing something first so we can catch up with the pittance that other's are already getting Please.
Each time i say this i am told i am wrong but i am thinking of me this time and many others like myself who seem to get Nothing each time the pittance that other's get when they get a small rise we still get ---s all.
And don't tell me i am wrong this time or i will throw my rattle out of my pram.
John AKA O.A.P- Old Git- Silver Surfer-Wrinkly.
As a life long voter of Labour needless to say I didnt vote for them this time and unless they get their act together I wont ever vote for them again. I am sure they are living in cloud cuckoo land as they sure are not livng in the land I live in. Talk about self destruct. They should always remember we voted them in and we can just as easily vote them out. Whats so bad is that they just made one big mistake after another and expected us to vote for them as if they have some god given right. Image
Labour are a joke since Blair left, Brown has turned Labour into the Derby County of political world. However who are the alternatives? I dont think I could even bring myself to considering voting for the Tories even though the Labour are a complete shambles. So next we have the Lib Dems, a pretty harmless party who seem to have the right idea but most of those who defect from Labour vote Tory and vice-versa so Lib Dems get little of the vote. Now we have your smaller parties UKIP, BNP, National Front etc just make me sick the day either of those parties rallies a lot of support I am off out of this country. Then there are the less popular but my sort of political parties, Socialist Labour, Respect, Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Party and Communist Party of Great Britain. If all those parties joined up to make, lets say a Socialist Alliance or Socialist Coalition then maybe they could build themselves up but I doubt that'll ever happen.

All I can see happening is Labour surviving for another year, at the next General election the Tories get voted, They'll go well for 8 years, anger the working class again and within 12-14 years we will have had a recession the Tories will lose by a landslide and Labour get in. that cycle will happen unless there is some kind of revolution.
The problem we now have is the result of the review due in JUNE ?? parliament summer hols round the corner no government will hand out extra cash just because a review body says so .

The review will be accepted in full BUT only those parts that dont cost the state extra will be implemented the pensioners who lose the carers allowance when in receipt of O.A.P. due to overlap rule in my opinion will get nothing the overlap rule for benefits is complex, the old doll works with the WAR WIDOWS ASSOCIATION they also want the overlap rule done away with the old doll receives just £30 state pension per week as she paid for her own "stamp" during her life time it should be about £80 per week but as she is a war widow she "loses" some of her state pension therefore if the state abolish the overlap rule for pensioner carers they would in my opinion have to consider the same for war widows and other groups and iam sorry to say they will never do that.

also working carers or those of us who would like to return to work ive said it before how can the state pay for a care worker to look after an elderly / young disabled person often a relative to enable us to go out to work ? cost of care worker is £5 / £10 / £15 an hour so we or those of us who want to work can earn a few extra £`s with out the loss of carers allowance the economics of the scheme just dont balance out.also how can we work and care at the same time iam sorry to say this but for 3 years i did just that and you cant do it in my opinion you dont have much of a choice you either work or care i just dont believe you can do both as ive said before yove got to sleep sometime therefore we should be paid not to work but to care .

carers like myself who "work" 24/7 i know most of us are not "working" every hour of the day but just to be "on call" and available is in my opinion work we or most of us just survive on the allowance even at this low level of £50 per week it keeps the wolf from the door .
to double the allowance as reported in IIAN DUNCAN SMITHS review "Broken Britain" former conservative leader it would cost an extra 1 billion per year he said that it should be at least doubled straight away he also said that without carers the N.H.S. would be in serious trouble as carers save the N.H.S. bilions of £`s per year.

All polititians say the same thing the elderly disabled should have dignity respect 1 on 1 care with the same carer not a different care worker every other day they need continuity in their lives we should try and keep them in their own home`s respect the wish`s of the family often their carer as to how their elderly frail disabled relatives are cared for we as 1 on 1 carers keep our relatives out of the social care system and hopefully out of the N.H.S. as well saving local authority / health service billions per year and as we have all said before we deserve some kind of living wage for the work we do.
iam afraid to say it but we as 24/7 carers will get nothing out of the review its to close to general election time what with white papers, green papers, toilet papers house of lords ammendments to this and that feet draging it will never get through, when governments stop cash its done at a stroke but when they have to pay out well lets wait and see .
Government knew of the carers problems years and years ago so like most governments they call for a review near the end of parliament just to delay the implementation of the review
so thats it for 24/7 carers nowt at all.

they will give us things like respite care to give us poor tired carers a rest but how many of us can afford a holiday when our disabled young / old relatives are in respite i for one cant we will continue to be abused by the state as they know that what ever happens we will just plod on like some first world war 1 soldier who is going over the top regardless .

I hope the young carers who look after parents or even brothers / sisters get something out of this review but i doubt it they will never get cash as they should the most they can expect is care workers or respite care during holidays anything that will cost the state nowt

the only thing in our favour is if GORDON BROWN and the rest of the educated idiots need some GOOD NEWS for the media he could announce extra help for all carers not just 750-000 in receipt of the allowance but all 6/7 million who regard themselves as carers they know there is votes in them there carers .

or so he thinks

Boris for mayor of Liverpool.
All is forgiven.
well written George and most likely whats going to happen too, b all. Its true they like the old sweetner before a general election but there are not enough carers to make up for the lost votes. We who are carers will never get a good deal am sure of that no matter who is in power. I bet labour never expected to get such massive defeats, imagine what if the whole country had local elections and not just half or thereabouts, thats another mystery to me why do we have local elections but only in certain areas is there a reason for that?
I only got to say one thing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8__EwAT8VM
wow, can they make music Image
The election results may make the government think again about some of its less popular choices.

It's now virtually certain, though, that they won't go for a general election next year unless there is a major improvement in the polls. The following year is another matter - they have to. But if they want to be re-elected they're going to have to do something quickly.

That's the test.