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Well-off pensioners donate winter fuel allowance - Carers UK Forum

Well-off pensioners donate winter fuel allowance

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Would be interesting to have your thoughts on this article.
Sorry not in favour of this at all ... the winter fuel allowance is a universal benefit and should always be so..
the likes of Osborne & co will refer to this and claim the fuel allowance should be means tested ... but as we all know governments will have "RICH PENSIONERS" as a pensioner who can not claim pensioner credit or income support... we will then have pensioners on £130 per week classed as "RICH" and as i have said many times before War widows , war disabled & those who have saved or planned for their retirement will be penalised ... just because they are "rich" ... mind you the allowance should start at retirement not 60 ...

why should rich people get carers allowance ?? you know those people with private pensions .
can of worms comes to mind .... dont mess with any universal benefits ....
I'm against those that can be deemed as being rich having it anyway (e.g Lord Sugar - he tried to give it back but they wouldn't accept it).

I'm not saying it just to be a miser or anything like that but why give it to the multitude of celebrities and other high profile people who obviously earn enough to be able to afford to heat their homes when it could very easily be used to pay for more assistance for carers or even pay for more carers themselves.

On the one hand, giving it to charity is a nice thing to do (and charities rely on donations) but can the state afford to give out money for this purpose when there are people losing benefits, jobs and businesses right across the country?
while i hate means testing,its just bad,i think paying a universal winter fual allowance is just nuts.makes no sence in ecconomic terms.
OK lets have means tested benefits for winter fuel allowance ..but let us use the saame level as the child benefit allowance ... that is all those over £44-000 will not receive the winter fuel payment .. but as i have said the governments idea of rich is someone like me who can not claim ANY BENEFIT`s apart from ther carers allowance because i have a small tiny occupational pension just over £130 per week .... and they class me as rich ... dont mess with universal benfits at all ....

pound to a penny most of these pensioners will be tory .....with a conscience or some plan for means tested benefits ...
A few years back I used to look after a dog and clean a couple of hours for a well off couple, she was 65 and he was 58 every year when she got her ful allowanceshe donated it straight to Children In Need
I would have thought they would welcome the well off returning the money to them after all you can return child benefit if you can afford to. I applaud any person who does not require or want this money , returning it.
This in it self would save the government a fair bit of money.
All the memebers of the cabinet are multi millionaires - Cameron and his sidekick Osborne do not even need to work, yet they receive a wage of £160-000 per year, a wage that they do not even need ... oh by the way Cameron claimed 45p for a daily mirror in his expenses ... why should the rich need to work at all ... from what i can se it aint for the good of the country .....
wakey,wakey,time to snap-out of it.we are not able to fund an nhs free for everyone.so,like winter fual allowance,lets have a limit on income.above say,25 or even 20k,the citizen pays for health insurance.seems fair to me.
okay the limit is £25 k per year, re winter fuel allowance .. as the average wage in the U.K. is £22-000 per year , i would imagine nearly every pensioner over the age of 65 errr 66 (soon) would be entitled to receive the winter fuel allowance , and to administer such a meanstested scheme would in itself cost millions ..

can we assume that you are "rich" when you have £20k - £ 25k and should not be entitled to benefits ... and those of us under the "rich limit should be entitled to benefits ..

take me i have a small occupational pension just over £7-000 per year plus the carers allowance of £2-400 per year ... so i would assume i would be entitled to claim council tax relief / housing benefit , as my ioncome is so low .... at the moment the only benefit i can claim is the carers allowance and the council tax discount of 25% soon to be stopped ( as far as i know)i even pay for my prescriptions= ...= from my low income, i have planned for my retirement and pay into a pension fund ... and thank god it matures in May 2012 this will double my income ,,, and the state can stuff their benefits , from that day on i will be happy with my pensions plus the carers allowance .... unless of course it ends up being meanstested ....