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Online grocery shopping

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My mother sent me Morrison stamps so all the saving has been lost, completely over spent, I cannot be trusted in Supermarkets any more Image
its just gross time,again,in the supermarkets.the great orgy of filling to over maximum has begun again.trolley loads of it.

oh,i observe it,and loath the whole false picture.

keeping it real,simple,basic,in-control is my aim.i do it.
I don't understand all this shopping.
So far I've spent about £100 on Chrissy and I've only got fresh foods to buy.
All family agreed no presents to adults because we're all skint so it's only the children and theyare satisfied with smaller presents.
It's the being together that is important and having fun.
Image Image Image Image
I reluctantly booked a slot for 23rd with Asda because not sure if we'll manage to get out to do the Christmas shop and after last years fiasco which stressed me to the hilt and made me all over Chritmas thought it the sensible thing to do.
i shop on line some times. mine have been ok so far.
you can send stuff back with the driver if its wrong so just have a look through before you sign for anything.

ive done my xmas food shopping on line cos dont want to be stood waiting to pay for hours so things like that do come in handy with shopping on line.

go luck for next time lol
I have to shop on line on the weeks that I don't leave the house. Most of the time I am happy, but it isn't as good as being able to shop yourself. Lots of sell by dates are the day after delivery, I also end up buying huge slabs of cheese or tubs of butter because I am hopeless at how much things weigh, but that's my own fault.
Being able to stroll around a supermarket to see what I want would be a luxury to me, as even when I can get out I have so much to do that I still end up rushing around getting food shopping.
Next week will be a struggle as I wasn't able to get a delivery later in the week, so I have to do the shopping on Monday 20th and it has to last until Tuesday 28th when I am next out. Fresh food obviously won't last that long, maybe a friend will help me Image Image
Mine came from asda today, most stuff unavailable or substituted, plenty of things with tomorrows use by date!!!! Am waiting to calm down before sending them an email!!!!