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Online grocery shopping

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You could look up a recipe for 'one carrot' from the 101 recipes online lol Image Image

Or I could send her some of mine Image

Yes, Entity I know about carrots and make sure the kids get plenty, just scrape them off my plate, but I will definitely be throwing them in everything this week, carrots for breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe a few raw ones for snacks, do you think any of them might notice mum is on a carrot frenzy, they will have big ears and long teeth by Friday.
they will have big ears and long teeth by Friday
There is nothing wrong in that you've just described me lol


Image Image Image
I have never grocery shopped online as I like to go to the back of the shelves to get the longest dates, my daughter swears by Waitrose though and says their value stuff is better than Tesco finest.

My friend ordered grated cheese from Asda and they didnt have any so sent her a block of cheese and a grater lol
I have never shopped on line , like to look around the shops with lyn .

As far as the carrots good for the eyes , dont see many rabbits with glasses do you Image
We have never shopped online - I'm very picky over the food I eat. I'd rather go instore and raid the back of the fridges/freezers, check my fruit and veg for imperfections, be sure that I DON'T get the dented tin that'll never open in my electric tin opener - and how can you resist the urge to feel how soft the bread is before you buy it?

On the plus side, I can guarantee that nothing I'm allergic to will ever grace our shelves, even if I can't resist those chocolate bars by the till Image
I'm very picky about what I eat also that's why I don't but anything tinned.
There is also a facility to let the picker know if anything is to be consumed by a certain date so no need for having things that have to be used instantly.
As for bread we eat home made Irish Soda bread here Image
We have done online shopping before with Asda, but no longer. As for the sell by date issue, we received a block of cheese with a BB date for the day after it was delivered. And some of the substitute products were ridiculous, so we stopped using that facility. Compared to local shops and the indoor market in town, the supermarkets are very poor.

As for bread, I received a bread maker last Christmas and use it constantly and have probably bought half a dozen loaves this year. Home made bread mmmm..... Nothing cheaper, easier, or tastier.
Iv'e never had many sustitutes but we had one this week instead of stewing lamb they substituted with a very large Shoulder of lamb sold to me at the same price as the much cheaper stewing that I wanted, so any good recipes for Shoulder of Lamb would be appreciated.
As I said my problem is obviously I'm getting it wrong with the amounts, weights etc.
I find Tesco definitely do not give me close use by dates but that could just be down to the individual picker and that they have read my notes.
I shall battle on in the effort to make savings although all the xmas delivery slots have now gone, was a bit slow off the mark there, but maybe that would be the time when there would be lots of substitutions due to the shelves being cleared as though the population won't be shopping for months Image
We have Sainsburys every sunday and they usually deliver everything that we've asked for though sometimes theres a short shelf life item amongst em.the majority of the stuff though has at least a week on it.Cant complain i suppose. Image