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Online grocery shopping - Carers UK Forum

Online grocery shopping

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Anyone else have trouble with online grocery ordering?
I spend at least 2 hours on the computer, making sure I check everything, but tonight the delivery arrives which I thought was booked for tomorrow and I have 2 tesco carrier bags full of carrots, a cupboard bulging with potatoes, weeny little jar of coffee!
In fairness it's a good shop for the money using mysupermarket, but how am I going to get through all those carrots? I don't even like carrots.
I do find I spend a considerable amount less doing it this way but it would be even less again if I didn't get it wrong all the time Image
we dont do online grocery shopping.we just never felt interested in it,as yet.maybe one day.
we visit the supermarket.
i am sorry vicky, but i did find that funny.

i do order my groceries on line from time to time and its fine. i think its a matter of practise makes perfect.

two things that to me will be on the top of my list to have as i get older are, a downstairs loo and a computer to order my shopping.

give it another go, perhaps after christmas. i bet you will do better next time. x
I used to order online before we had a car. On the whole it was ok but I prefer to go to the supermarket as I wasn't particularly impressed with the substitution process if an item was out of stock.

We once ordered a bag of apples for the boys' lunch boxes and weren't too pleased to find that Tesco had substituted a bag of King Edwards in their place, and I'm sure the kids would agree that a raw potato at break isn't the same as a nice juicy Granny Smiths. Image
I've had to grocery shop online at times and don't usually have a problem, use asda and if their substitutes aren't what i want I get them to take em back.
I've used online a few times but prefer to go to the supermarket. I have two (Morrison's and Waitrose) that are only a five minute drive from my home so it's not much of a bother. Plus, I am really fussy about meat and veg and would not want anyone making the selection for me.

... and, going to the supermarket is a reason for me to get out of the house and interact with other people.
I'm doing on line because I find it considerably cheaper even with the delivery charge, on a big economy drive at the moment.
I am a real sucker in the supermarket, they are laid out in such a way as to make you spend and I do Image
I haven't the willpower to turn left and miss GEORGE, Home and ware, CD's etc and then in the normal grocery section I am drawn to all the new products, could clean the entire street with the collection of fluids I squeeze into my cupboards, there are 2 cupboards in my kitchen that I know if I open them everything will fall out, crammed with stuff I don't use.
Also on line I can go check the freezer just to be sure because even with a list once I am in the supermarket I start to doubt that I checked properly and so buy just in case.
Hopeless case, aren't I?
i use tesco's today they sent me this weeks tv mag instead of next weeks .phoned them up and got a refund,i know it's only 49p Image but if they did that to 200.000 people that's close on £100.000 Image
The first time that I changed to shopping at Waitrose online I could not resist their wonderful range of cheeses but forgot to change the weight to grammes, I was shocked when I saw the total cost of the basket until I realised that I had bought a few hundred kilogrammes of cheese Image . I have ordered 1 kg of carrots and had one carrot delivered, not Waitrose, I have never been able to work out what the order picker thought that I intended to cook with just one carrot.
How can you not like carrots!

Carrots are so good for you full of Vitamin A and beta-carotene keeps your skin and eyes healthy, according to some research the antioxidant properties of carrots (neutralise) free radicals to help the body deal with cellular damage.
You could bake a carrot and orange cake or make some carrot and coriander soup – there are 101 recipes you could try.
Only problem is consuming too many carrots could make your skin orange.

You could look up a recipe for 'one carrot' from the 101 recipes online lol Image Image