Pinched this one from that " Other " outfit.
Carers Trust is looking for someone who'd be willing to share their experiences as a case study for us. One of the things we want for carers, is for them to only have to go to one service, to get their needs met as carers (not the many different ones that we know is currently the case for many of you). Your story would be shared with service providers across the Carers Trust network to encourage them to think differently about the ways in which they support carers to access the services they want.

So we'd like to hear from you if you're a carer who has found it difficult to navigate through the system to find the support you have wanted / needed. We want to use the case study, which can be anonymised, to illustrate how having one gateway into services would be beneficial, and so we want to hear just how hard things can be without that.
First muted in 2001 at a local PRT meeting ... someone must have blown the dust off this one ... or posted before being censored by someone higher up with a long memory.

Whilst they are still with us , covered in the CARERS UK : OUR / YOUR ORGANISATION and NEWS SECTION under several threads , mainly the Umbrella Organisation one.

Trussells already have several branches offering such a service.