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Re: One parent blind, other has dementia

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:42 am
by Myforeverfriend
Hi Nigel.

My mum has md and I just wanted to reply with few things I've found helpful as we are relatively new to dealing with the effects of md. Mum has had it quite a while but it was dry and she could see quite well but had cataracts in both eyes as well plus some changes from diabetes...long story short she had a cataract operation in Jan last year and had a huge improvement in her sight for about 9 months then I noticed a fairly rapid deterioration in her sight, I contacted the hospital, they confirmed the md had changed to wet and she is now on the injections. She alternates between coping fairly well and feeling very low. Her consultant has said the injections will hopefully help to stop any further deterioration.
As an ex nurse I think visual impairment with the fear of total sight loss is one of the biggest fears. Your dad sounds a lot like my dad was, he was used to managing things such as household bills etc and putting a brave face on things. You could ask if there is an eye clinic liaison person at the hospital at dad's next appt. I have the number for one who is linked to our eye clinic but at the moment my mum doesn't want to discuss things with her but its an option as they are often linked to RNIB and may have lot of suggestions for support.

I have put bump-on stickers on our cooker, toaster and washing machine etc they are raised stickers in various colours and are a big help for my mum. I used a sheet of the stickers you can find in the craft sections as I wanted the numbers for the hob which mum can see now depending on the light.
I also label groceries and keep a marker and some labels in the fridge door so I can quickly put a use by date on milk bread etc.
We were told that you can get assessed for magnifiers at some opticians and they can be supplied on loan, I'd already bought a couple of them as I didn't know but worth looking into.
I also have some of the luminous green tape around light switches and you can get it in a nonslip tape to put along the edges of steps etc I've got mine from Amazon (and the bump-on stickers). I bought brightly coloured key caps which also help.
I read on the macular society that using dark stickers with light pens can be easier for some people to read. I'm looking to get some on ebay as the chalk pens seem a bit pricey, I want to use them to label mum's daily medicine pots which I make up for her but your pharmacy can assist with any medication your dad might need made up ready.
There are also digital magnifiers some plug into the tv so the image can be viewed on the tv such as newspaper tv guide etc. Apologies if you already know a lot of this just thought a few tips might help.

Take care