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Mobilise -new platform for unpaid carers - Carers UK Forum

Mobilise -new platform for unpaid carers

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
I heard something on television this morning about a new platform to support unpaid carers through live virtual tea parties and supportive chat- a place to laugh, cry and pick up tips. I can't find much online about it or a link to the platform. I think it was mentioned on BBC Breakfast but may have been on Sky. I'm fairly sure it was called Mobilise.

I have noticed that..just go on to the website and register if you want to join in a virtual cuppa.

They have a range of things they offer unpaid carers.
Link, should anyone want it:- https://www.mobiliseonline.co.uk/
Apparently Carers UK has a forum! I gave up with the site within 2 minutes, as on my Hudl the text was huge and I couldn't reduce it. Really disappointing. Will try again tomorrow on my PC!
Thanks for posting link Ayjay , I couldn't find it.
The link worked for me, but the font size was huge, so difficult to read. I gave up very quickly using my Hudl.
After finding the Mobilise website and putting the link on here I thought I'd seek their advice about how to deal with a couple of problems my wife has.

I received an email reply to my query on 20/4/20 telling me that my "follow-up action plan is on the way."

I'm still waiting :(
I came across Mobilise at this weekends Carers Fair on line and am a fan already.

Not only having a sharing forum through Facebook, the Daily Tea Rooms give you the opportunity to chat and share needs. Additionally, which I found at the fair, they offer coaching which is very inclusive of levels.

I will not abandon my local borough carers hub meetings, as that service still needs to be kept alive, but Mobilise has a broader base of people to interact with and therefore does not boil down to digs at a local authority issue level.

That is unlike Mobilise.

Have you thought about booking a one to one coaching session to chat through any issues.

Suzanne who often does them is a carer herself and will be very understanding of anything you may wish to discuss.

These one to one's can usually be booked very quickly too.

I agree Mobilise is good.